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Design Team – Baby album

I came home last night on such a high after being with 6 talented and lovely ladies. We had a Saturday night designers night and all those who create for The Scrapbook House currently came together. We began with dinner (thanks to China Moon – yum) and then we began working out what we would do to make my idea come to life.

What then happened makes me so proud to be amongst them and honoured to be friends with these creative ladies.

Celeste Glover – Vivienne Crudeli – Sharon Drown

Shelley Epps – Michelle Hearnden – Pamela Haggas


I rambled on about what I had in mind, a baby album that could be completed in as little time as possible, using the best products we could get, and looking as fabulous as one would expect from our designers. (they let me ramble too, I’m always scared I’ll forget something so its easier to just not take a breath)

Oh… and I wanted 20 pages or more.

I have had a long time to think about this, and had clear idea of what would be best for our customers, and who this album would suit. I excitedly waffled on about the details and they all just looked at me for a long time.

Yes, I wanted 20 pages….

or more…

This has been in my mind for years and years. (I’m not going to tell you how long, because that just shows you how I overthink things, procrastinate and don’t follow through with my ideas… and that’d make me look bad –  hehe)

So, I didn’t know how to do it, I just knew that I needed help. The Wedding Album Class I ran a few years back literally took me months to complete and kits. Months.

I had 6 designers , all with varying strengths, talents and styles, who I wanted to work together.  Could they do it? I was sure they could, I was sure they would create exactly what I had in mind. The next hour or so would tell just how well it would work.


What you wouldn’t expect was that we would all work together on all the pages at once.  So there was 7 of us, all at once, all pitching in, cutting, sticking, helping on all the pages. All in one go. I’ve never seen this before and what a wonderful experience it was to see everyone working together and for this beautiful album come together so perfectly. Each offering ideas and helping on one another, and supporting each other even when the inks and gesso, stamps and die cut machines were put out of reach. It was hard – challenge accepted and completed!

All 24 pages. Twenty four! These ladies are amazing!

We have a complete album, ready for display and it’s exactly what I dreamed of. This is going to be the most epic baby album class ever seen. One kit, for the whole album, easy for anyone to complete, with the option of doing it in class, or take-away kits.

I can’t wait to share it with you!

TaniaThanks to Celeste, Shelley, Sharon, Michelle, Viv and Sharon for a great night!


Prima Doll Card Kits

Viv’s Prima Doll Cards are so sweet. We had fun in class making this cute trio and as our card making kit has instructions and the stamp too we can take it home and make more!

Prima Doll Cards

We coloured the hair and skin using a waterbrush and distress inks, aged Mahogany,Wild Honey and Spiced Marmalade for the hair tones, and Tea Dye  for the skin and edges of the patterned papers. Waterbrushing the dolls give that lovely blended soft look.

Have a sweet day!



Class One

These ladies are embarking on the art journaling journey, and as I left the store they were all introducing themselves. In just a few short weeks they’ll all get to know each other and be sharing and inspiring each other with the arty directions they take.

And getting grotty fingers… Hehe

Art Journaling Class 1 2014

I hope they love their kits and have a lot of fun!

Here’s a couple of pages in my art journal, I was inspired by someone but I can’t remember who… all I know is that it’s not my original idea.

Create Art Journal Page I'm an artistI’ve painted the background with acrylic paint, then added scrap paper circles and triangles. Leaves, stems and petals are drawn on in pen as well as the “hills and foreground”. I’ve also added random stamping too, and then a little bakers twine for the banner.

Each is stamped in the centre with a cute stamp “I’m an artist”. I figure if you say it enough, you might just start believing it. Haha.

And here’s one from my “Class 1″ Backgrounds class with Michelle from way back.

What makes me smile

The tags are only stuck on the ends, so you can flip them up to read the journaling underneath. Fun and bright hey?

Have a good one!


Crafting with kids

Today we had 2 kids classes and the aftermath on the floor of our workroom shows us how much fun we had cutting and sticking.

Out first class had us using Modpodge and paints in collage art.

Then this afternoon the girls created this scrapbook page.

I hope your day was great.

Art journaling to share

Some friends have a little art journaling to share with us from a few classes ago.

This is another take on one of our classes, I do believe this us from Eva’s Janice’s book (correct me please if I am wrong  thanks for the correction) and I love the “hands” and the play on words.

20130630-010403.jpgthe journaling reads

A Mothers hands can tell a story.
The hands of strength is a Mothers hand
You may hold my hand for a short time but you’ll hold my heart forever
A mothers hand never let’s go
Two hands are better than one
❤My Mum

Just lovely, a nice dedication to Janice’s Mum!
Next we have Janice’s page, using the “positive” image and boy… she has picked up the texture paste thing and “run with it”!

20130630-011039.jpgThese pages have layers of goodness! I love the silhouette of the cowboy.

20130630-011525.jpgThe journaling reads

The world of reality has its limits; but the world of imagination has no boundaries
Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of the things that matter the least
Life is not about waiting got the storm to pass, it’s about learning up dance in the rain. Life is what happens up us while others are still making plans

And Julie has a lovely lady to share

20130630-012445.jpgJulie’s lady had beads and pearls and feathers too! The script stamps are a favourite, I don’t think I would ever tire of them.

Thanks to these lovely ladies for sharing with us -
Have a great day


Class Kit Prima Divine

Nat’s most recent class kit was jammed with gorgeous products, all chosen by Nat herself from the superb range Prima releases.
Her class is lovely, using bits if everything and there is so much left over, that there are bonus layouts using more of the products all with Nat’s beautiful style.


Gee there are a lot of products in this kit – two classes in one!

We have these class kits for sale, each has instructions for the class page as well as photographs of the additional pages and cards completed.  Kits $39.95

Note – because not everyone has the crackle template and texture paste for the first step, I have used my template and done this step for you – I know I got the fun of it, but really didn’t want anyone to miss out on the overall look of this layout, the texture is lovely!

Have a great day!


Stamped butterflies

This card making class last week was sweet, designed by Shelley,
using the Hero Arts butterfly stamp that we’ve come to know so well.

We have 2  one kits leftover from this class, and because the butterfly stamp is not due into store until the end of July, we have stamped every butterfly you need (and some).
Have a great day


Turning on the Texture

This page in our Art Journal was an exploration of some different mediums that most of us hadn’t tried before. I love new stuff!

20130617-232233.jpgThere are a bunch of new mediums on the shelf at the shop, flakes, beads, sand, stucco and more!

20130617-232415.jpgOh and so many different Mod Podges your head will spin!

20130617-232525.jpgThis is Shelley’s art tonight “Patience”.
We all had a pick a word for tonight, as if picking a colour wasn’t hard enough. I struggle with this, straining my head and all it’s contents for the perfect word, which if course doesn’t exist. Pick a word. Heck, Michelle sure knows how to throw me a curve ball. Of course I want a word that is meaningful to me, for today…My first word was going to be “Procrastinator” but I needed spending a little more positive. I went through a dozen in my head, like “Blissful”, “Relieved”,”Perfect” to “Valium”, “Drained” and “Alone”, (Yes it was a big weekend in our home) until I decided on “Celebrate” – lets celebrate the painful end to having to pick just one word!

20130617-234344.jpgWe all enjoyed this class so much many of us decided to begin a second page. This time (inspired by Suzie’s colours) I have used a red and yellow ochre mix, next thing you know, there’s browns and terracotta happening as we’ll. Fun! But it’s too late now tonight to do any more… Goodness gracious me… It’d take me another 45 minutes to choose a different word!

20130617-235258.jpg Be good and sleep well.


Far and Away

Tonight’s class was small, just the four of us, so relaxing and easy that I decided to complete the page along side with the girls. We used Teresa Collins “Far & Away”, I love the banners the most!
Of course because I decided to do this last minute I didn’t have the correct size photos, so I needed to leave the black & white Washi tape and the “sign post” off in order to fit the photos on. So, my layout isn’t as striking as Michelle’s, but at least it’s done. Gotta be happy with that. Our classes are all adaptable to your own style or taste, and to accommodate your photos. There are kits left from this class, call us for yours on 08-99648288

An easy night with some fun chatter and some laughs – and a bonus was that I ended up with a few of my “phone” photos of my nephews scrapped! This was our amazing and fun whirlwind weekend away to do the class with Finnabair at Scrapbook Secrets in Perth, which turned into a bit of brotherly love as my two brothers were both in the city too. Loved this weekend – good things.
Night – sleep well xx


Art journal covers

Know what I love about people? That they are all different. Yup! It takes many different people to keep this big ole world of ours turning.
In class I love seeing how people create in different ways. We pretty much all began with the same tools, and given a few simple directions we all head off on our own way. Here’s a few cover photographs I managed to snag from some of our art journal class.

20130610-001424.jpgEva’s cover is very textured, using the cog stencil and texture paste, glimmer mist and even some Washi tape over the spine. Very cool !

20130611-094856.jpgI have taken picture from the wrong side of the table so it’s upside down, this colourful and happy cover is Josie’s. It says IMAGINE, I love that title for an art journal!

20130611-095111.jpgThe scrolls on Minnie’s cover were my favourites from the very first art journal class, something about the textured swirls and colour – doesn’t it just make you smile?

20130611-095323.jpgThese lovely books are from the teacher herself. When you look from the pages side of the journal you can see sneak peeks of wonderful colour, just begging you you take a look inside. (And if you would like to see some of these wonderful pages in Michelle’s books, stay tuned for another art journal post soon)

20130611-095529.jpgJulie used the same stencil that I did, you can see my cover if you click HERE. Julie’s artwork has flowers, bling and an ingenious idea of incorporating a sheet if clear film to protect the surfaces, plus it looks pretty fancy! She is full of great ideas!
Stay safe and be good to one another.




Red is the colour of energy, passion and action. Red… the colour of love. We were asked to bring our red paint as well this week… It is amazing to see the the different creations all with the same products! Thanks Michelle for another inspiring class, the journaling side has really for me thinking, and as usual, I wait till I am home in and quiet to reflect on what I will write. Here’s a few pictures of the ladies at work tonight. Beginning with Janice and her smiley face – she used her doily to make wings for the butterfly.

20130527-213123.jpg Lorraine and Josie got into the colours, bright and beautiful.

20130527-213348.jpgMinnie is fun to watch when she gets going on her page, she learned about “pipette” painting, then away she went!


20130527-223647.jpgA page by Lyn

20130527-223746.jpgand another by Shelley

20130527-223901.jpgUp close and personal with Eva, who is so good to journal as she goes in class.

20130527-224004.jpgSuzie added gold details to her flowers

20130527-224104.jpgAnd Lorraine’s page is fighting the red…

20130527-224303.jpgHer journaling reads

Red oppressive red,
Taking over,
Sucking the power,
The body,
Look at me… Look at ME
I will not feed you, go away.

Here us my finished page. I added some black edging and lettering at home, and I realise now there isn’t any red paint used… Dunno how that happened, guess I wasn’t paying attention.

20130527-233604.jpgMy journaling reads

One day actually getting to see these wonderful sights I’ve always wanted to see.

20130527-233733.jpgEvery possibility begins with the courage to imagine…
Have a great day


Family House Printers Tray


Friday night fun at The Scrapbook House making a gorgeous house-shaped printers tray, filled with Prima papers and flowers.
We went a little overtime, but then that’s nothing new. Gotta love getting amongst the papers and glue.

20130526-222308.jpgMarion with a few papers here to play with and below Diana making sure it all fits just right.

20130526-222404.jpg Lucky we have plenty of room to spread out.

20130526-222716.jpgPat working away, trying to ignore my banter and bad-singing, can’t wait to see the finished products from everyone.

20130526-222838.jpgVerna, her burned fingers caused her a little trouble tonight, but she kept on – what a trooper!

20130526-223123.jpgRuth added lots of photos to her house, along with flowers and shells from home. A lovely family memento.

20130526-223301.jpgDecisions decisions! Each of our houses started the same, but will all be unique by the time they are ready to hang on the wall.

20130526-223512.jpgI added some things from my Prima stash to the little openings, and some photos too. This will be a gift for my Dad and StepMum – I hope they’ll like it.

20130526-223705.jpgWords cut from the Prima packaging, more flowers and some trinkets. Notice the cool little hammer I added near my Dads picture, I’ve been hanging onto that little beauty for ages, waiting for the perfect project to add it to.

20130526-223842.jpgMore flowers on the roof, the stems were twirled around a thin paintbrush in a spiral, then glued in place. A couple more trinkets and a photo of my babies! Complete! Thank you to Kira for the wonderful class and original design! I have one full kit left in store ($40) and houses on their own coming back into stock soon. They are $10.95 each. Thanks for looking!


Kira’s Farewell Dinner

Here is my version of last week’s class kit, a Finnabair style inspired layout by Basilia. It was great to be able to create a double page with the leftovers as there were few photos to fit on – thanks to Viv for the photos!

I loved all the little rips and tears and tucking little surprises inside. We cut up the metal trinkets and flowers, very easy to do with a pair of scissors which surprised me. The ladies who did this page in class all enjoyed it and ended up being very happy with the result. We have these kits for sale, includes all products and instructions, email me if you’d like me to hold you one!

20130522-215441.jpgThis range by Finnabair was created with Prima, so of course along with the metal mechanicals there are flowers!


20130522-215731.jpgThanks for looking – have a great day!


Altered Apron Part 2

The colours lightened a lot as they dried, which we expected as the apron was so very wet to begin with. Still it’s looks like a “galaxy” and we are pretty happy with it. The Ice Stickles in blue and green added a nice hint of sparkle too.

20130521-194837.jpgI originally was going to add Prima flowers and some swirls with ink, kinda like this but Miss Emily thinks “no”, and to leave it the way it is. The flowers sure are pretty… But I am undecided… Thoughts?

Before and after…



Seeing through the negative

Monday is a good day, because at the end if it I get to be with 11 creative ladies and learn some cool stuff! I get ink on my fingers (although I think Eva has way more than me) and come home with a page almost complete in my art journal and inspired to do more.
Tonight Michele taught us a cool technique and we all embraced it and came up with vey different looking pages following her steps the through the layers.

How cool is this? Thank you Michelle for an awesome class!
It was so fun going around seeing what everyone was up to – each in their own little creative zone! I didn’t catch photos of everyone but here’s a few to share

20130520-233509.jpgJulie took a while tonight to find her groove and when she did she was on fire! Colours are her thing, she does them so well! Look at that vibrant green!

20130520-233700.jpgLorraine and Josie getting inky.

20130520-233815.jpgThere was no stopping Suzie tonight, she had two on the go! Just beautiful!

20130520-233937.jpgWhen you’ve finished looking at this fabulous page by Eva, check out her fabulously inky fingers! Love that saying Eva!

20130520-234152.jpgMinnie really makes me smile, not only is her work gorgeous, but you should see her face when she learns something new and cool, now that is gorgeous!

20130520-234444.jpgand I leave you with this one… I assume it is Janice’s, but can’t be 100% sure, I kinda got a bit sidetracked and I don’t think the owner was about when I snapped this pic… edit – I spy Eva’s gorgeous apron and see now that is it her second page! These girls are too clever! Love it!
Remember to breathe.


Class one – homework

After we finished Art Journal class in December I thought I could keep inspired with my renewed arty energy. I should be able to do that, given that I work in a Scrapbook Store, surrounded by talented folk and awesome products, but I found myself busy with Christmas, school holidays and then all of a sudden Term 1 was upon us. It’s not until now, the first week of Art Journal 2 class that I am feeling back into it and I really enjoy the class environment too (except for those rowdy ones at the back of the class- ha ha, bringing Michelle a stick next week to keep them in line… wasn’t me… batts eyelashes) It’s so nice to have the paints back out again, and we all have a new book to play in. I hope you might like if I share some if my Art Journal Journey with you.

I have just now completed part one of our “homework” and I am feeling pretty pleased. Our Journals are each unique and we used a variety if mediums to get to this point, but I am completely in love with the Ava Stencil I used to get the face outlines so perfect. (Thanks Sandra for the loan of your stencil – I was “respectful” with it and cleaned the texture paste off it carefully)
All I needed to do was colour her in! I chose acrylic paints and after a few tries at it and some patient lessons from my daughter I am happy with the result. The words on the cover say “Seize the Day, please use the handles provided” and down the bottom it reads “Dare to be fabulous”
Now looking forward to Part 2 of my homework- the apron. Off to google Donna Downey’s creations now for inspiration, she’s the Calico Queen!

Here’s the “before” shot. Got any ideas of what I should write on it?

A Sterling Day at Stirlings Shopping Centre

Today was the first day of our Free “Make and Take” sessions at our local shopping centre. Boys and girls came by our tables to get a little crafty and make some paper flowers, rosettes and embossed butterflies.
I saw quite a few Mums wearing gorgeous badges and flowers too as many kids wanted to make more.
We used the Cuttlebug machines and some dies to cut out the shapes needed and then emboss them too.
It was a fun day, I loved being out in town, I don’t seem to get there all that often as my “house-husband” does our shopping, and saw so many lovely familiar faces.
Emily will be in the shopping centre all this week making different things each day. Tomorrow is “mini gift bags” and I am sure they will be popular too!


Heartistry workshop

Back in April I started an online art course with the talented Louise Williams. This is what it started out like and here is the link to the original post
My desk looked like this…

And my canvas looked like this.

Well, it was a 6 week course and I was chomping at the bit for each weeks lesson plan to come to me. I finished up with it looking like this.

And you don’t really want to see what my desk ended up looking like… Lets just say I am messy and leave it at that. :)

So I am thinking I need to add some words to it.. A quote maybe? The top left looks a little bare to me.

I have to be kind to myself as its the first time I have used pastels and created something a little more serious, I couldn’t expect much… but the way Louise encouraged us to go on and not worry too much about it all I am very happy with the result. Not bad for a beginner. Thanks Louise!
Here’s a list of things used on this class:
Paint, Gesso, texture paste, Glimmermist, bronze embossing powders, pastels, spray seal, tissue and scrapbook papers. Do you remember when I fell in love with templates? Here’s the original post – it was the kind of affair where you’ve been friends for a long time, then suddenly see things in a different way and bam… Love!
It leaves me wondering what other mediums are out there that I haven’t considered, and how much fun there still is to learn new things and share.
So back to the quote thing… What do you think? Add to it or leave it be?

Art Journaling Class

Next term we are exploring with Art Journaling Classes – A wonderful way to spend a Wednesday evening, being creative and getting inky with Michelle Hearnden.

I am loving the idea of this class – it’s so different. I must admit not having to search for a photo, or a mass of matching products is appealling. Its not cards or a project to give away as a gift, this is purely just for us, to have fun and play, be creative, be social and everything will be at our fingertips. I am looking forward to seeing the learning journey of everyone along with us for the ride. Wanna join us? Come see me to book in.

You don’t need to be able to draw, you don’t even need to journal, just have a desire to play with colour and texture and learn some great techniques to expand your creative mind. Sounds like terrific therapy! Join us on our artsy adventure as we delve into the world of inks and more!



Creative Journaling is whatever YOU decide it is!
It can be to express ideas, develop your creativity, record special moments & times in your life or to simply help you work through some of the challenges life brings.
You don’t need to know how to paint or draw artistically to art journal, you just need to know how to hold a pen, press the plunger on a spray bottle, have an interest in getting creative and be prepared to have fun and get your fingers inky!



This six week course covers techniques and ideas to help you on your journaling journey. You will learn lots of cool & fun stuff including…..

Creating backgrounds & building pages using spray inks & paint, adding interest with simple artful lettering, building up depth & dimension on pages with gesso, stencils and stamps, emotive journaling tips for using art journaling as self expression, combining collage concepts into your journaling pages.

Classes start 24th October 2012 and run weekly on Wednesday night
6.30pm – 8.30pm (ish) for 6 week course

Your teacher will be the fabulous Michelle Hearnden

Total course cost is $250 – includes kit of products, journal and tools to complete several pages using different techniques.
Places will be limited. A deposit of $50 is required to hold your place with full payment required prior to the start of the first class.
Kit & class overview will be supplied on payment of course fees.
Please call Tania for bookings or queries on 9964 8288 or



Click HERE for the printable Current Timetable to check dates of all classes available.
Call us 99648288 to book or pop in to see our classes in full detail and collect your student supply list.

Things for the kids to do during the holidays

This butterfly mobile is so stinking cute that many adults want to do it also! We have a variety of school holiday projects, albums and pages for the kids to do during these July holidays – we are going to have so much fun!

The brochure is available on the Current Timetable – Kids Classes page. We are taking bookings now for holiday classes and also for Term 3 classes.

What’s Up

May’s layout for Page of the Month features four photos, tons of room for a title and journaling, and is ruler-straight with special area for shapes, texture and dimension for a page that really POPS. What’s Up works great with both colour and black and white photos and features the fuzzy felt shape stickers and brand-new flags.
May’s theme is “What my Parents Taught Me”and is a chance to scrapbook cherished advice from a loved one. The Parisian-inspired colours and designs of What’s Up work perfectly for all types of topics for advice. Photos can feature scans of family photos or evidence of advice followed.

 Journaling prompt:
1. What is one of your favourite pieces of advice about? Food? MOney? Work ethic? Cleaning tips? Driving? Fashion or style?
2. Did your parent(s) teach you by telling you or by showing you what they meant?
3. How has this advice impacted your life?
4. Is this a lesson you will pass down?

I think we will enjoy tonight’s Page Of The Month scrapbooking.

Feel free to comment with your own answers to these prompts! We’d love to hear it!

A Day with Tim Holtz


Good golly Miss Molly I am a tad excited! I have been hanging out to tell of our news… The Scrapbook House has been invited to spend a day with Tim in Melbourne at a special retailer day. Oh my oh my, this is so good! I just about peed my pants I was so excited! That is 8 hours with Tim! Oh my oh my! Invite only!

And… I get to invite a friend – I bet ya’ll wanna be my friend now!

Actually, The friend needs to be working in my store – so I bet ya’ll wish ya as working in a scrap store right now!

So, seeing as Kira is going to be indisposed for a little while with her new bundle of joy it will be Sharon going with me. Lucky though, might have had mutiny on our hands if Kira was able to go.

Our invitation is due to the terrific range of Tim Holtz products we stock at The Scrapbook House and have had since it first was introduced. Of course, anyone who knows us, also knows that the Holtz lines are synonymous with our classes, and there has been many a class with Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink on the requirement list. My absolute favourite, and it’s paid off! Woo hoo!

More news soon…. But this can only mean one thing for sure…. More Tim Holtz at The Scrapbook House.

Meet Celeste

I would like to introduce you to Celeste, who joined our Design Team earlier this year. Please say hi.
Here is a little from her…

Hi my name is Celeste Glover and I have been scrapping for the last seven or so years. Previously I was addicted to cross stitch, sewing and photography, until I went to a class one night and got hooked on scrapbooking. I live with my husband Alan and four great kids, Chloe 17, Alexander 14, and my twins Cameron and Amberly 12. I find inspiration from absolutely everything and can’t wait to share it all with you.

Celeste worked with the Bo Bunny Enchanted Range last Term and designed these for us. Her first class was well received, and many ladies scrapped beautiful memories of their Wedding Day or School Ball. So many compliments came back from the ladies who did this and the whole paper range sold out on the day of class.

Celeste’s blog is called Gero Girl and you can find it here… and here is the address


We have been lucky enough to have this project on our front counter for the past few weeks, made with the Graphic 45 TropicaI Travelogue collection, is is full of goodness! I love these colours, the blue is so bright and fun! Of course this is available at The Scrapbook House.
If you missed seeing it on our counter in real life, you can see every page here on Celeste’s blog where she had photographed every page. Did you know this mini album was made from paper bags?

Have a fantastic day!
Tania xxx

Take a Seat or Take a Kit

We have leftover kits available for Term 2, so if you’d like a place in our class, now is the time to say so. If you can’t come to class that’s ok, each kit has full instruction and a photograph, plus photographs of more layouts to make with your leftover once the class is done. There are Five classes in the term and the term costs $150. Each class is a different style by a different designer to give a well-rounded scrapbooking experience over the next ten week.

Class One comes with one Black Distress Ink to get you started.

The background is embossed with white and the Crafter Template – Bingo, which we will do in class, but those who purchase as a remote student will have this part of the class pre-done in case you don’t have all the tools needed for this step.


Here is a pic of our first class. Our kits are fun and full and our designers have created extra pages using your leftovers. These photos are included in your instructions each fortnight. You just need to add your background card to suit your photos, in this case it’s a couple of smokey colored Bazzils and another white.

Call us today and sign up! 08 99648288

Scrapbooking Studio

This is where the magic happens!


And it’s going to happen this week a lot!
Classes are starting for Term Two on Tuesday morning and Tuesday night, and they look fabulous! We have great designers and the first adult class is by Sharon Drown… I will introduce you a little better to our whole team very soon as I just realize I haven’t done that for a while… Naughty me!
Then we move onto the card making class on Wednesday morning.Thursday is another scrapbooking class and then Saturday the kids get to have a play!

I love our classroom, or (workroom as it is affectionately known) as its the place where so much has been shared, thank goodness those walls don’t talk… “What is said in the room… Stays in the room”. Unless of course its fabulous gossip then we’ll all got share with ten people each and put it on Facebook!

Seriously though, many a friendship has been made here, between many a person over many a year.

Love this place.

Don’t forget we kit each class if you can’t make it to our “studio” so you can still join in with our awesome classes. I have 5 kits for each scrapbooking class of Term 2 left to sell, approx 5 card making kits and 1 kids class space left.

How to – distress stain

Tim Holtz distress stain is the new product focus for class one term 2. (which starts first week in may just in case you wanted to play along with us, there is time to book for term 2 even if you don’t live near us, we post!)

But if you can’t wait to learn in Sharon’s fabulous class, then check this link out for a quick lesson. Really it’s so easy, you gonna love them! You’ll wonder how you did without them!


So, with our first class you will receive one black distress stain ( so don’t buy that one) but you will also need one more to suit your layout.
Its not just the colours pictured either… They come in ALL the distress ink colours that we have come to know and love – and we stock every single one! We have every ink, every refill, stain and also distress stickles in the range.
We also have a few of those limited editions distress ink sets of 3 if you were after them.

Just hangin out

The last class of last term had the kids using Texture Paste and Glimmerglaze. They were so awesome getting the right texture with toothpicks and adding the glaze to the monkeys and vines. They get to learn some terrific techniques and always go home with a work of art at each lesson. No wonder they keep coming back!


I wonder what Em has planned for next term?

Artistic kids

Kids need to be kids, and that includes sleeping in and playing games. I don’t know about you, but I love the school holidays when the kids get a chance to kick back and relax, Lord knows it’ll pass all too soon, they’ll be grown and wishing they were teenagers again.
So I let my kids be kids, they sleep late, they play games, they see friends. We chat, we swim and we spend time in the yard together. I do ask them to a few simple things though.

Do something productive
Do something helpful.

And for the rest of the day… Enjoy yourself! (Just don’t bug anyone too much)

Our kids classes are on again next week, and there are two days of free choice… Where kids just get to be kids. They can do whatever they like, a scrapbook page, cards or just make flowers if they choose. Free choice.
We also have some projects and also some scrapbook pages for them to do too. Check the flyer in “current timetable” for projects and dates and times.
On Thursday we did this little project where the kids got inky with the glimmermists, stickers, and other embellishments. They had fun! Some created their own designs, others used the samples as inspiration.


We have scrapbooking for kids also on during Term 2, and if your little scrapper would like to join us you might be wise to get in quick to book a place.


Term 2 kids classes begin on Saturday 5th May, each class is held fortnightly at 1pm – 3pm. Cost is $80 term, (=$16 class) or individually $20 class.


Page of the Month Program

Basic Grey Page of the Month Kits

Page of the Month (or POTM) program is a year long program where you receive beautiful BasicGrey products to make one double page layout each month. The 2012 instalment of the program will run from March 2012 through February of 2013. Product is shipped two months at a time

This years theme is Past, Present & Future but as always you can customise it to fit your needs.

  • March: Past – childhood favourites: people, places, things
  • April: Past – advice to myself at age..
  • May: Past – what my parents taught me
  • June: Past – a day in my life at age ..
  • July: Past – when i was a kid i dreamed of..
  • August: Present – current favourites: people, places, things
  • September: Present – a day in the life of me now
  • October: Present – lessons learned from friends
  • November: Present – why i scrapbook
  • January: Future – goals to achieve
  • February: Future – dreams for the future

This program was so successful last year that BasicGrey aren’t changing it much this year, and so includes the following benefits:

  • Free colour printed instructions for the featured double page layouts.
  • New product featured – only the latest and greatest new releases to help you promote them in your class.
  • Sketches and theme suggestions – designed to make your life a little easier and keep your customers’ creative juice flowing.

And if that’s not enough..this is what BasicGrey are adding this year to sweeten the deal even further!

  • The end of year incentive. This year BasicGrey is offering a super-cute and exclusive designer tote bag to in reward for the year long commitment.
  • Exclusive bonus projects to use up those leftovers.
  • Exclusive digital content. Each month will feature a fun digital element which can be downloaded and used on the layout or in the bonus project.
  • Fun journaling prompts to help you think of what to scrap.

Each kit is $29.95 You will receive 2 kits every 2 months.

Pay upfront for your subscription to receive your tote
and as always – we post free of charge!

Register by 16 February 2012

Call Tania, Kira or Sharon 08 99648288
or email us at

Kids Classes start this weekend

 Busy kids are happy kids.

Everything is included in our kids classes, all products, supplies and tools. Just bring your photograph (if doing a scrapbook page)  and Emily & Tania will  teach the rest!

Click Here to Print your Term One Class List

Kids Scrapbooking Classes 2012 Term 1

 Our classes are best suited to ages 7- 12, but if you are younger, just let us know and we will organise extra help.

  All sample pages and projects are on display in store

 Class Cost is $80 Term  = $16 class
(available as kits if you are away)
or $20 individual classes.

  Class One
Saturday 11th February 2012
 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Cute as a Bug

A layered page with edge distressing and lots of lovely ribbons and a couple of cute felt “bugs”
You will need one photo,
 4”x 6” horizontal


Class Two
Saturday 25Th February 2012
 1.00pm – 3.00pm

What I’m Good At…

Loads of Glimmermisting fun in this one! Bring along of something you like to do, or that you are good at!
You will need one 4”x 6” photo


Class Three
Saturday 10th March
 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Beautiful Girl

A bright and fun page with border punching and raised lettering. 
   You will need one 4”x 6” photo


Class Four
Saturday 24th March
 1.00pm – 3.00pm


Learn to make this ribbon-like embellishment from paper, you will get to keep the template to make more at home.
You will need one 4”x 6” vertical photo.


 Class Five
Saturday 7th April
 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Just Hanging Out

A fun page using Cricut cut elements and embellished with ribbons and a little glimmering with GlimmerGlam
You will need one 4”x 6” photo