Exploding Box

I have made a couple of these… love them! You can add so many photos and or even a special surprise inside.


Here is my copy of instructions we did as a workshop.

Exploding Box Instructions Scrapbook House Geraldton

Edit –  new instructions… now easier to follow 🙂

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32 responses to “Exploding Box

  1. What a great and novel album. It looks terrific.

  2. What a wonderfull box
    and the instructions so easy to understand and follow
    Thank You

    Irene UK

  3. I will make one for my sister and mother for mothers day, thank you for the clear instructions!!JUst love it!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this project – I saw it today at a baby shower and am so excited to be able to make them now!

  5. Glad so many people are loving this. I hope the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Send me a pic of your finished product!

  6. Fantastic idea. I have just finished one as a birthday card for one of our granddaughters. Really great idea!

  7. So glad you liked it Ellen, we sure enjoyed it here in class, so much that we are doing it again in the school holidays for the older kids.

  8. Its a fabulous idea and my kids just loved making it. Your instructions are pretty clear and easy to follow,


  9. Thanks for sharing this over on my blog, Tania. I love yours! The title is one of the best parts. I love the colors and patterns you chose too.

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  11. This is so very cool, you can do so many different themes with it too…LOVE IT!!! I will have to dust off all my papers though, I am in the digi scrapping world and have not paper scrapped in FOREVER, thanks so much I will be getting on that horse for sure again, LIKE TODAY!!!

  12. How awesome is that! I cant wait to try making one = )

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  22. I’m nervous y’all wish me luck I went and spent my life savings at Hobby Lobby today on supplies for my fiancés huge strictly made with love handmade Valentine’s gift (well basket full of love is what I’m calling it) and this box is one of my projects I’m tackling! Let’s say a quick prayer and cross our fingers for me that I’m successfully going to perfect this beautiful little love box. Because now I’m broke and I only bought enough pretty cardstock to be able to get it right the first time lol. Either way he’s getting the end results whether it’s a box or a pile of cut paper with notes and pictures all over it 🙂 I gotta make this real good to compare to the new engagement ring he’s getting me. Anyways I’ve got a lot to do before tomorrow wish me luck ladies lord knows I need all I can get with all I’ve got to get done in time!! xoxoxoxl

  23. I want a detailed instructions. …Iam not able 2 locate it….pls help me..m😟

  24. I need instructions for the exploding box. The link above is inactive. Please help. Thank you.

    • This is a Word Document link. It is working if you have Word installed on your computer. Perhaps I could convert the file for you if you cannot see Word documents?

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  26. Hi Tania….love love love this and your directions were clear and easy to understand for me! I am helping to start an art therapy group for bereaved parents of infants where I will assist them in creating one of these as a memory box for their baby. May I use your first pic on our invitation flyer as an example for parents to understand what we are making? I would include your website. Ty!

    • What a wonderful thing you are doing Kelly, sure you can use my photograph. Most of my ladies are “visual learners’ and pictures help so much . Enjoy xx Tania

  27. Two questions: What size/kind of corner rounder did you use? Where did you get your paper from? My team’s thinking about making boxes for this year’s seniors.

    • Hi Phebe

      The papers are scrapbooking papers, I have a scrapbook store, so used the ones from here, but you could use any scrapbook card and papers.

      The corner rounder was an old Carl Punch, which they no longer make, but you can purchase a corner rounder to do the same job by Becky Higgins Project Life or EK success.

      Have fun!

  28. What a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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