40,000 hits

Wow, sometime today we reached the 40,000 mark. That means that’s how many times pages here have been viewed. I am amazed. Thank you all so much for reading my ramblings, as I enjoy writing them!

This blog has been going for a year now, and it proves how fast time really goes. I might just step back into last year on the calendar and check out what I wrote (or whined about) some time back.

The site certainly has grown, and daily we are getting between 100-200 visitors. My visits are not counted on the counter. One day we had a whopping 420 hits. Most of them were as someone had directed people to my very popular “Explosion Box” instructions (my most popular page ever).

I hope this site will continue to be helpful, inspirational and insightful into the life of a busy scrapper.

Thanks for reading!



10 responses to “40,000 hits

  1. jandell faraone

    i know that i enjoy looking at the blog everyday,it is nice to read other peoples comments and thoughts, keep going strong tania

  2. Tania
    Your Blog sits proudly at the top of my favourites list and yes I too check it every day just to keep up.
    You rock!!

  3. Your blog is highly entertaining and i love all the info, new stuff and entertaining reading that it has. Keep up the good work!
    sam xx

  4. HiTania,

    Yes I must admit I love your blog. I check it at least once a day. Thanks for the effort that you go to. Im sure sometimes you probably think people don’t care, but now you know how much they do. Thanks again Louise

  5. it’s funny but yes the fisrt thing i do is check your blog, what’s new who’s said what’ is there anything happening i don’t know about, your blog keeps us up to date, i know it’s hard trying to keep it up, but be well assured that there are lots of us out there checking in every day… thanks

  6. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Congratulations Tanya. 40000 page views is a fabulous achievement.

  8. Lisa Robertson

    Love checking the blog, makes me feel not so far away. Keep it up!

  9. Hey Lisa
    Scrapped a photo of you and Mark last night! Ya don’t feel far away to me! (In my heart… soppy soppy.)
    Love Tan

  10. Lisa Robertson

    Awwww….at least we’re both soppy…your kids (& mine!) are my screen saver at the moment

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