Cricut Design Studio

Wanted to know what the USB port was for on your Cricut? Well.. here it is.

Our suppliers have told us that the design Studio will be available before Christmas.


What You See Is What You Cut-with the simple click of a mouse!
The Cricut DesignStudio™ software lets you take your Cricut™ creativity to a new exciting level! Use the software with your original Cricut or Cricut Expression machine and Cricut cartridges, and you’ll open the door to untapped creative possibilities for virtually any project including: school projects, card making, home décor, scrapbooking, signage, and more!
Cricut DesignStudio includes an electronic collection of every image found within the Cricut cartridge library. Simple and quick keyword searches allow you to search through the 1000s of images available to find that perfect letter, shape, or phrase that will transform your project into a new stunning creation! Online updates will also keep Cricut DesignStudio supplied with any new content that become available, letting you explore the latest and greatest Cricut cartridges!Design
Bring Cricut designs to your own craft studio! By using the on-screen cutting mat, you can design your unique cutting layout by moving, reorganizing, rotating, resizing, skewing, and welding letters, shapes, and phrases from any Cricut cartridge available. Easily save your one-of-a-kind layouts for later use or to share with others!Cut
Easily cut your unique layout designs using your Cricut machine by selecting cutting options directly within the Cricut DesignStudio software. Simply insert the Cricut cartridge(s) into your machine, click Cut, and What You See Is What You Cut! (See System Requirements below for more information.)


System Requirements Minimum Recommended
OS Windows XP SP2 Windows Vista
Processor Speed 233 MHz 800MHz or better
RAM 512 MB 1 GB
Free Hard Disk Space 100MB 380MB
External Media Drive CD/DVD-ROM
USB Port 1.1 2.0
Display 1024×768 or higher
Software The Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is required to run Cricut DesignStudio. If the .NET Framework is not already installed, Cricut DesignStudio initiates a prompt to install it for you.
Cricut Works with original Cricut and Cricut Expression machines
Cricut Cartridges Works with all Cricut cartridges. *Applicable Cricut cartridges are required to be inserted into the Cricut machine to cut content that has been selected from within

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  2. pueden mandar las herramientas de la maquina cricut a cuernavaca morelos mexico

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