Slam Book

Here’s something different for you. I saw this on the internet somewhere a little while back. The lady had a teenage daughter and they found it useful to communicate with a journal/diary style book. She had called it their “Slam Book” and likened it to a nice version of the “Burn Book” from “Mean Girls”.


I thought this would be a fun project as Emily and I are always passing notes to each other, and when we find some old ones in notebooks we have a good old laugh, especially at the ones where she was very mad and writing not-so-nice to me and I was teasing and playing fun. She wanted to rip them out of her book on the day, but I insisted that she leave them there. Although she scribbled through it, we could still read it and both found it very funny.


Sometimes I am away and she can leave me a note, and I can do the same. So, first up it was something I was going to do with her. But then the boys got in on it too, and then they wanted a “Family Slam Book” too. We also made one for one of Em’s friends. They were fun and the kids decorated them (with me watching over them so they didn’t use up all my precious stuff.) I love the Glossy on Daniels book!

slam-book4.jpg slam-book5.jpg

Emily and I have started using ours, we both love to write. I think the boys just didn’t want to miss out. Typical.


I have blurred out our words, because the whole idea of the Slam Book is that we can write what we want and it won’t be shared.


4 responses to “Slam Book

  1. That is so cool. I remember finding a whole pile of notes passed during Yr 12(no surprises we failed!). Just hilarious years later!

  2. Cool idea!

  3. Love this idea, especially with one moody 10yr old….

  4. It’s a bit of fun, and it’s even got the boys writing… shock! If I go to work at night, sometimes they leave a note in there and leave it on their bedside. I return the message and they read it in the morning. I wonder how long this will last? Probably about 3 times if I know my boys.

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