Free Giveaway

Somehow my little blog has managed to get over 150,000 hits. Wow! Little old me! That is so cool. Thanks for reading!

To celebrate I am having a Free Giveaway and I thought it should be something cool! Like our new Creative Options Tray Box. It comes empty, but be sure that I will put fill it with goodies too!

There is a catch, you have to be able to come into the shop to collect it. That’s it. Enter by leaving a comment on this post and I will draw it on Friday 29th March. The winner will be chosen by a random generator, so it could be ANYONE!  Good luck! 


32 responses to “Free Giveaway

  1. Bring on the freebies!!! Lucky I didnt buy one on Monday night-I musta known you were organizing one for me…

  2. Congratulations Tania. Your blog is one of my daily sites to check out.

  3. Julie Marchetti

    Hi Tania.

    Have been visiting you for years….love to keep up with you all now I am busy working….keep up with the great news and ideas.

  4. congratulations on 150,000 hits. I love to check out other peoples layouts and to see the new products you have coming in. keep up the good work

  5. Don’t know where I would be without my daily fix of the “Scrapbook House Blog”. Congrates on the 150 000

  6. Love checking out the blog every day. Well done Tania. Thanks for the effort you put in.

  7. Racahel Catalano

    Woohoo… more freebies. Love that Tania, bring it on!

  8. Racahel Catalano

    Gotta say Tania, I look at this and the Focus Pocus page on a daily basis and get a little bit ho hum when I have checked before any updates… love that it keeps you in touch with everything in the wonderful world of scrapbooking!

  9. janine (sexy girl)

    Well done Tania, but then we all know how good you are at this stuff. Hmmm I do like those new boxes you have, a free one would be nice but if I don’t win I will just have to come and buy one………………….(sorry kim)

  10. wow 150, 000 hits, bet you didnt think you were so well known…congratulations…

    well done tania for your great success , and im sure you will just grow in strength……

    and if i dont win, i will be in for a browse any way , and i love the pics of your family

    happy stamping Leonie

  11. Me! Me! Me! pick ME! When I come to pick it up I can wear my crocs!

  12. Congratulations Tania, the box looks great. I look daily at what you do and love the photos of your family.Enjoy them cause they grow so quickly.

  13. Creative Options Tray Box, when it comes to filling it is there any chance of putting a few more scrapping hours in the day.
    Always a great read!! Congratulations Tania on sharing something you love..

  14. Fantastic Blog site – excellent photo’s. Keep up the great work.

  15. Wow Tania, that number of hits it just great, like a lot of others before me I too find I look in most days to see what you have to show us…. thanks for the effort you go to….

  16. Great traybox, i love give aways, cheers Tanya

  17. there full now tanya i realy realy need enouther of each so ill get one with my card and win the other perfect life couldnt work out better ha ha congrates on the sight soooooooo glad to be looking at it again

  18. Hi Tanya, your blog is great for “occasional scrappers” like me too – it inspires me to actually make some time to scrap, instead of just thinking about it! Keep up the good work.

  19. Well aren’t you a popular one! It’s great to know people have nothing better to do than look at your website (hopefully more sales for you as well) and certainly an inducement when you give away lovely gifts like the storage box. Think of me when you are making the draw.

    Viv 🙂 happy scrapping

  20. Hi everyone, I haven’t scrapped for soooo long. I’ve forgotten how to scrap its been so long…. If I win this free giveaway, I might just surprise you by stopping in to do scrapping. Save a chair for me!!! I’ll be back!!!

  21. Count me in too please- gotta love giveaways!! Love your focus pocus site, the photos are fab!

  22. Oh and i forgot just cause i won the last on line giveaway doesn’t mean i won’t win this one too!!(ha ha)

  23. Narelle Crofts

    Hey Tania
    Congrats. Thanks for all the fab stuff you do

  24. Great website and to have free giveaways… even better.

  25. Hi Tania,
    So much to see and read about. congradulations . your photo’s are fantastic. Came into the shop today to see all the new stuff. Going to do some scrapbooking tonight seeing as I haven’t done any for a while. Thanks again .

  26. Michelle Speck

    Hi Tania, This is the first time I have seen your blog and have to say I am impressed! How do you fit it all in? Raise children, run store, scrapbook for your own family, make new lesson plans and do some serious internet work. Its all looks very professional, I’ll be sure to check it out more often. See you soon, hopefully next term, I need inspiration!

  27. Hi Tan
    Hope you’re feeling better,just imagine how bad you would have
    been feeling without the Zinc etc.Better start dosing Andrew up before he gets the dreaded lurg.
    See you tomorrow

  28. Checking the blog is a daily activity for me and makes me feel like I still”‘belong’. I will come to geraldton to pick it up if I win. Am coming up soon for a visit any way so… pick me … pick me. LOL Love the blog, thanks Tania

  29. Pick me, pick me!

  30. Thanks for the great site. Love to come on here and look at the lovely pages. Congrats on all your hits on here.

  31. Ooooh I love freebies too…been a bit busy lately but I’m back reading the blog. Well done Tan!!!!!

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