Beachside part 1

It was a lovely day. I had hoped for a lovely sunset. The sunset was sucky,( this was the Mother’s Day post )so we decided to have some fun instead. It was rather cool and the light was low, but the fun was still there to be had!

Hold me Lauren… it’s cold. This is the bit where they were friends… The frienship would be tested later in the day when there was water and sand involved. It could have been bad, it could have been very bad.

Okay little kids.. stand there for your Mother… I wanted to take some photos of their jeans and feet. There’s a pose. Good kids. Stand close, I want you to look like you like each other. (they of course – do)

mmm.. yeah like this. kind of.

Come closer to the water. I was hoping they would get the bottoms of their jeans wet, that might make a cute photo. This was so out of the box for them… Mum, who is usually hollering not to get wet, or run around was actually allowing them to get into mischief. Check out the worried look on The Princess. I love that the lighthouse is in the back of this photo.

Oh my! Now she’s REALLY worried.

But the boys are not.

This is a hoot. Love those real smiles.

There’s the wet jeans I was after. Not so good a shot afterall, but it was fun.

Okay, now they’re all having a joke and trying not to pull each other over, heaven forbid they get wet.

And they are off! Keep in mind it’s cold!

And they are wet. And sandy.

And laughing hysterically into the wind.

Which of course makes you want to rip off your clothes and run into the ocean. Doesn’t it? Well, not me, but lot of things make my #3 and #4 want to rip off their clothes and run around like maniacs.
Nothing like a bit of running and jumping to warm ya up.

Yee har… watch me Ma. Man I wish there was better light, this was so much fun but every photo is blurred. Not even photoshop can fix it. But.. It’s real, it’s fun and really, isn’t this was life is all about?

part 2 to come.


7 responses to “Beachside part 1

  1. Awesome pics- who cares if they are a smidge blurry? The memories are captured and that’s all that counts- (this is what an unskilled photographer tells herself after every photo shoot!! ;))

  2. They look pretty good to me – blurred is arty – smile like you did it on purpose!
    (That should work for most situations actually)

  3. Great pictures! Looks like a great time despite the not-so-perfect sunset!

  4. Don’t you just print out blurry photos on Basil Paper, gives it a canvas look and covers up the blur…. 🙂
    Loved them all Tania, we never go near water with our kids/grandkids with out a change of clothes and a towel, they just love water… guess the fact that we have always lived in view of the ocean could have something to do with it too….

  5. Glad no one cares if they are blurry coz I don’t. 🙂 Thanks!

  6. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Overlay.

  7. I dunno Overlay, I kinda miss the point too… or lose the plot… whichever way you look at it.

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