If I had a dollar for everytime I hollered the words “pick up your lego!” I swear I would be rich! My twins just love their lego and for some reason they seem to need to spread it everywhere. They will spend hours picking through the pieces to find that elusive part, (which for some other reason is always at the other end of the box you are looking in).  They do have my “organising” gene and have compartmentalised little containers for the ‘best bits’, you know, the special one-of-a-kind pieces, little round things, tiny connectors and the heads and the arms. Trouble is that the “untidy” gene is dominant over the “organising” gene.

But when I go into their room and catch them quietly watching a movie with this lego set-up of a cinema I can’t help smiling. They are so darn cute. And quiet. Oh how I love quiet.

Now this head and the hands thing… whatever it is that possesses my boys to take the bodies apart I am not sure, but they are compelled to do so, all the time. It drives me insane. I see no reason as to ‘why’ one would do this.. sure they have plenty of answers as to why they need to do this, like “because the skin colour doesn’t match when we swap heads”. Mmm, seems to me that if they didn’t pull the head off in the first place, then they wouldn’t need to swap the hands.. and what happens to the hands that are taken off? The other is that they need the torso part, with no head and no legs and no hands. What on earth do they need the torso for? Get this.. “to go in the cupboard as different shirts”. Of course, why didn’t I think of that? –  because every good lego man needs 3 spare shirts.

Hee hee. My twins just crack me up with their idiosyncrasies. At least they “get” each other. They are the best pals, and I often find them in bed together reading the same book, or playing a DS Game, or watching a video. How wonderful to be a twin, to have your buddy there all the time… one who understands you… who “gets it”  why you need to pull the hands off your lego men.

Oh.. and can you see which child is most like his father in this picture and why?


6 responses to “Legomania

  1. If it is any help Tania my boys used to do the same thing, the eldest is now 36 and the youngest 26 but the thing that really gets me is that my 10 and 8yr old grandsons are doing exactly the same with the heads, bodies and legs as their Uncles did and your boys seem to be doing too ….. so you still have plenty of time to try to understand it all and yes the gransons are playing with my boys original pieces too, as well as plenty of their own of course …. I’m still not sure why it has to be done either, so let me know if you ever do…. must just be a BOY THING ????

  2. That is gorgeous! The connection between twins both amazes and dumbfounds me…….I’ll never get my head around it but it’s fascinating all the same. And as for the lego- I think it’s a boy thing.

  3. go the lego, I loved to play with my brothers’ lego, but I mostly built houses, complete with cars & gardens, lol, oh the hours spent in logo land…..ha ha ha

  4. I think you are right.. a boy thing. I didnt take the arms off my dolls. BUT my brother pushed the boobs in on all my barbie dolls, never to be the same again. Another boy thing?

  5. Lego is way better than Polly Pocket…whoever invented her should be SHOT (yes I know that’s harsh, but I really mean it)
    Andrew…? Laying on the floor watching telly??

  6. Ha ha you crack me up Lisa.
    The child that most resembles Andrew in this photo… hint… His shirt reads


    like father.. like son…

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