Astro Boy

Poor Astro.

He was in need of a little repair so Andrew and Matthew get right to it. They are the first on the job to pull things to bits… pity they don’t always go back together the same. Shh, don’t tell him I said that.

Matthew is drawn to mechanics, he loves how things work, so when Andrew pulled Astro apart to try to fix his wonky arm he had a little boy magnetised to his side. I reckon it’s mighty annoying, but he’s like a fly you can’t give the hint to, but you can’t swat either. He just hangs around. Kinda like Emily does when there is sweet stuff being made in the kitchen.

All this to fix an arm.

After all.. it IS Astro.


7 responses to “Astro Boy

  1. So can we assume he’s all fixed even if all the bits didn’t go back the same way?? Way to go boys!! Chris would have pulled him apart too…….I would have just bought a new one hehehehe

  2. Yep, I’m with you Louise!!

  3. Oh yes, he went back together.. all the same way too. Andrew doesn’t think it will last long though… he used the wrong glue. (note my SCRAPBOOKING glue in the photo) Pritt Power gel.. the best stuff – but not recommended for fixing Astro Boys.

    I don’t think I would buy another one – we have two of everything already! The question then would be “who’s is the broken one?”

  4. We have a situation like that at playgroup- there are two big cars, one of which has no steering wheel. Because we are always the first to arrive (I open and close up) Oliver “claims” the good car for himself and lets the others fight over the defective one- he even hides the good one while he plays with other things!! Pretty tricky because they are really big cars that you sit in- behind the shed is a good spot as is behind the cubby house.

  5. Clever little man. First in – best dressed. Fair’s fair.

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