Tournament of the Minds

Can I gush? Please? Do you have a choice? I am so proud of my little girl. My little girl – who used to need me – who used to need me close to fall asleep, (holding her preferably). My baby girl, who not only is beautiful, but works in a team, is dedicated, loyal – and smart.

Oh yeah. My heart swelled with pride today. Well, it’s swollen all the time, but today Emily and her team presented their challenge to the judges.

What is she talking about? I hear you say. 8 KB

TOM – Tournament of the Minds… Their teams have been dedicated and focused on this for the past 6 weeks. Oh yeah, early mornings twice a week at school, and Sundays too! There are 4 disciplines, and 7 students chosen to take part in each. They are given a problem to work on and then need to present their answers in creative and interesting ways in 10 minutes. There is a whole bunch of criteria that needs to be strictly adhered to. If you are interested in more reading go here. It’s a lot of work, and she’s been there every step of the way. No missing meetings, no sleeping in (shock stun).

Okay, so she’s not just my little girl, she’s our little girl and I wished Andrew had seen their presentation too. He was home with the 3 boys. He keeps things together for all of us, and if it were not for him, then we wouldn’t be able to do the things we do. He’s there, kicking me out of bed at 7 am on Sunday to get ready, and he’s there with a hot tea and loads of biscuits when we get home over 6 hours later. And he’s done the washing, lunches, dishes, all Joshua’s care – and will be making dinner too.

My Mum was there though, and my brother and his partner. That’s us… family gather round. Well, Mum was a blubbering mess, lucky we were sitting up the back as she was bawling away. So funny. I feel it too though, so proud I could cry. Ever get that? She has grown with this experience and the stimulation from this unique challenge has been rewarding.

I guess you are thinking that her team won, but they didn’t. But they were great. Results for the finals won’t come in for a while yet, but that matters not to me, they were great. I am so proud of her. My Our baby.


4 responses to “Tournament of the Minds

  1. Go Emily!! Well done (especially the early mornings!) xxx

  2. Way to go Emily!! That sounds like it was a huge project to work on, requiring focus and dedication- we’re proud of you too sweet girl. XXX

  3. Good on you Emily !!! It sounds like you had a big challenge and faced it beautifully [ and maybe even had fun along the way].
    Lots of love from Oma and Opa

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