Storybook Cartridge

Breathe… It’s just gorgeous. I’ve sold the one I had in the shop, but Lisa brought it back for us to look at “out-of-box” it today and all it’s swirls and loops, accents and more had me very excited. Every letter is different. Well, of course every letter is different dummy, but every letter has different accents and corners and borders.

  I will be ordering more, and one of them is mine. Mine… all mine. Mwhaa ha ha haaar!

Please let me know if you would also like one of these so I can pre-order enough. I just love new cartridges. And there’s this one too.. Graphically Speaking.


3 responses to “Storybook Cartridge

  1. Oooohhh lovely- have never been super excited by the fonts that cricut offer but this one is way noice!! I mean I bought mini-monograms just for the scalloped circle feature, not the letters…..might get one of these when my husband finds a job.

  2. Oh this one is nice. I like the plain styles mostly, Base Camp is the one I always pick up to use. Plantin Schoolbook is nice and plain too.
    But this Storybook… oh all the little swirlies are divine… and they have all the scallop shapes too.

  3. yummy yummy, I want one!!!

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