How many uses?

How many uses are there for double-sided tape? Let’s see how many comments we can get in one post. Type in your name and one “use” at a time. You can post as many comments as you like, but there must be someone else’s in between.

What I mean is that you have to wait for the next person to add a ‘use’ before you can add another one.

I’ll go first.

Ready… set… GO!!!


21 responses to “How many uses?

  1. to stick a photo onto card.

  2. To put a glitter border on a layout….

  3. to attach ribbon to a layout.

  4. To attach really thin patterned paper to cardstock before punching to prevent tearing.

  5. I’ve used it as tape to hold down a dress neckline that was causing a few embarrassing problems. Does that count??

  6. attatch metal embelishment to layout

  7. to stick up the chocolate packet so it looks like it hasn’t been tampered with.

  8. Attach CD to university assignment, if it went missing I might just cry.

  9. to stick down the inside greeting inside a card.

  10. Sticky bit can be rolled into a ball and used as a glue dot

  11. ooh, that’s a good one Amanda.

    I’ve used it to hold a hem up!

  12. Use it on a plunging neckline to stop the CLEAVAGE falling out
    … I may have to try this!!!!

  13. Or use it to tape a scarf together when you lose your nerve at the dinner table to wear that “special dress” the way it’s meant to be worn.

  14. or u could use it to tape up men’s eye lids when they tend to wander!

  15. Andrew suggests that it would be good to stick the blokes eyeballs back in the sockets!

  16. Hollywood tape. To keep the dress in perfect place – within an inch of something slipping out.

    ie, Rebecca Twigley

  17. Now THAT’S a dress Nat! No scarves in sight. Thanks Chris for the insight on this one… Andrew approves.

    oh… another use… ? um…

    To tape boxes together to make robots.

  18. Birth control.

    Affix to inside of left leg, then remove second strip and adhere to inside of right leg…….

  19. I think that is otherwise known as waxing!!!!!

  20. how about for sticking a pirate moustache to a wriggling kiddy face? I’ll tell you if it works after Friday 19th – International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Rrrr!…only @ Binnu Primary!

  21. let me know how that goes Donna.

    I know someone who stuck cork onto the back of their metal ruler with double-sided tape… to prevent any scratching on her photos and to help hold the ruler in place whilst cutting. Nifty!

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