T is for tired.

T is also for Tania. Tired Tania.

I am burning the candle at both ends lately, (but having fun doing it), somehow managing the hectic weeks of classes (have you checked out our schedule?  and seeming to be staying afloat with family and friends. It’s tricky working so many days and nights, but I am just loving all the classes, and we keep adding new ones and revamping old ones to make them better.

Tomorrow Rachel and I are packing for the Chapman Valley Show. I am not too enthused about packing. If you are going, please stop by to say hi.

So, as it nears again to midnight I have checked my emails and am ready for sleep. Glorious sleep.

Peace to you.

Night xxx


3 responses to “T is for tired.

  1. We will see you and Rachel about midday.

  2. Hope you and Rachel had a great time at the Show. Loved your display. Isn’t my man just lovely……..Pat

  3. Pat
    It’s always nice to see you and your lovely man.
    Hang on to that one! He’s definately a “keeper”. xx

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