Do you sometimes feel like you are going so fast that you might be missing something? I have been full speed for the past few months and am finding it hard to slow down. Then your body gets to the stage where it protests too. 

Today I not only slowed, but I stopped. Everything.

My darling husband kept the kids super quiet and my room super dark (thank the Lord for roller shutters) as the kids got ready for school this morning. I missed the alarm clock altogether – his plan – and he got the kids ready and off to school.  I awoke to a silent house, figured out what was going on and promptly went back to sleep. I crawled out at 10am.

Today has been a rest day, and I didn’t realise how much I needed a day off. It took me the rest of the morning to clear off my desk – there was that much stuff piled on it from the Chapman Valley Show day that I couldnt’ even scrap a photo on it. I sorted, organised and cleared. Now my desk is clear and I can scrap again. I didn’t make phone calls, I didn’t do housework. I didn’t call work. I didn’t leave the house all day (unless you count sitting on the back patio eating a waffle cone with choc-chip icecream alone with the birds as going ‘out’ ). I made eggs on toast for lunch and ate it at my desk, flipping through the new Scrapbooking Memories Mag. I was pretty chuffed to be “published”. Then I proceeded to go through all my old mags and have a clear out. Sometimes you just need to make room.

It’s been so quiet today. Come 3.30 though and I could hear my family coming by the time they got to the highway. I swear they only have one volume.. loud. Child #3 comes in last, I am lazing on the couch. His hello was “Hi Mum, how many times did you spew today?”. Nice. I said I wasn’t that kind of sick and then child #2 says, “well, you could have gone to school – I mean work – today and soldiered on like you told me to yesteday”. (For the record she stayed home when she was unwell yesterday)

So I wagged work? So what? I think I should shedule a wagging day a little more often.


7 responses to “Wagger

  1. Sometimes you just need a little “time out”. Good on Andrew for facilitating it and good on you for making the most of it!

  2. I officially gave you permission to “wagger” away the day, we all need a “time for me” day occasionally, hope you enjoyed the peace & quiet for a few hours, love Rachel.

  3. Sounds blissfull and well earned – hope you feel refreshed x

  4. Yep I’m refreshed… ready for another day off! 🙂

  5. You sure did need a rest when I saw you on Thursday. Hope you are feeling better.

  6. That’s the trouble with a day off – you just want another one!

  7. Ready for the new week now. Bring it on!

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