Layout Share – Son

I’m a list girl… I like lists, and I love the feeling when I can tick something off. Done. Completed. Finished. Accomplished. It gives me great satisfaction.

One of the things in my “Book of Me” is titled “20 things I want to do in my lifetime”. It’s a good list. A simple list, with lots of things I may never actually do, but every once in a while I look at it and I get to cross things off.

About halfway through it reads “Get published in a scrapbook magazine”. I can now tick that one. Done.

This scrapbook layout made it’s way to this months Scrapbook Memories magazine. I am tickled.

This was a page about a day at the park where Joshua proved to me that sometimes being “UNABLE” makes you “MORE ABLE”.

Here’s how my journaling reads…

“It never ceases to amaze me how you touch people and how other are affected by you. You are the most incredible little boy. Sure you are “unable” to do many things, and that makes life challenging for you – but sometimes I see why being “unable” can be ok for you. You are unable to feel fear – there is not an ounce of fear in you. You have no understanding of danger, cause and effect, you know nothing of strangers – only that if someone laughs with you, then you will respond. You are unable to know anything of age, race or ability. So when an intoxicated aboriginal man sits by you at the park and starts up conversation – you respond happily. I was uncomfortable, your Dad was wary and ready to protect, and Emily was positively shaking in her boots… but you… oh you are wonderful. You were rocking in his direction – drooling and vocalizing with as much enthusiasm as you could show.

Harry (he told us his name and a little about himself) took your small white hands into his own, large black ones, and I couldn’t resist asking for a photo. Such difference made  absolutely no difference to you at all. You took Harry for face value – someone to share a moment with”.

layout-son.jpg  layout-son-2.jpg


4 responses to “Layout Share – Son

  1. I am living vicariously through you -showing all my customers your published layout!! It’s beautiful.

  2. An aboriginal man (intoxicated or otherwise), approaching a little white boy (disabled or otherwise) to share a moment of friendship. Maybe Harry felt a kinship with Josh, both being disadvantaged members of society for very different reasons. God bless the Harry’s of this world, we all need to look below the surface!

  3. I am looking forward to seeing this layout in the Scrapbooking Memories magazine.Congratulations to you [and of course Josh and Harry ] for this beautiful layout as it depicts perfectly a special moment in both Josh and Harry’s lives.

  4. Wow. The photos on your layout just blow me away. I am a HUGE journaler myself, so i love your journaling also. So wonderful that you decided to freeze this moment in time by making the layout when others might have chosen to walk away.


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