Jokes at the breakfast table

I can hear them from the laundry, babbling along as they usually are. Children #2, #3 and #4 as well as the big Dadda.

This is how it went.

Child #2 – Hey, what goes black, white, black, white, black, white?

no one answers

Child #2 – A Nun rolling down a hill. (That good Catholic education is paying off I see) She is now laughing, which of course sets everyone off into a giggle.

Child #2 – What goes Black, white ha ha ha ha (and continues laughing)

Child #2 – The Nun who pushed her (and is now in fits of laughter)

Dadda – Ok, so what goes Black, White and is red all over?

Children #3 and #4 pipe up in LOUD unison – A FROZEN FIREBENDER!!! (what the? )

Child #4 ooh ooh ooh, I know… a sunburned penguin!

Daddy – No.. it’s a newpaper.



Child #2 Why is a newspaper red?


Child #2 oh, it’s read!

Child #4 ooooh, I GET IT. I get it.  A newspaper is sunburned.

Lord help me.


One response to “Jokes at the breakfast table

  1. Great to see the value we get out of our school fee’s isn’t it??!!

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