Some moments are priceless…

and you just don’t have a camera around! Not that it would have helped as I forgot to put it on charge last night, so it’s still flat.

Today in the shed, Andrew and David had a “little war” with staple guns and it was the funniest thing I have seen in such a long time. David is my little brother, he’s 17, a gorgeous tall streak of a thing, and to see him running FOR HIS LIFE today – absolutely hilarious! He started it, of course, by flicking staples at Andrew with the hand held gun. Andrew took it and took it, then calmly walked over to the air compressor, hooked up his high powered staple gun and shot it at the roof. OH BOY… did David move.. but guess where he hid?  He crouched behind me, hanging on to me like a shield. Of course I know Andrew very well and know he wouldn’t hurt either one of us, but I must say it was rather nerve racking with a loaded staple gun pointed in my direction, (don’t worry, not at me) and will the little stirrer behind me still firing his pathetic little hand held gun, which shoots like a foot away, and Andrew is 4 metres away. I would have given up.. but no.. not David.. what is it about boys?

So, I left him to it, and then he hid behind my freshly painted fridge, which now will have staple marks in it at the staples fell from the roof where Andrew was aiming. David didn’t know where they were coming from, keeping well hidden and only hearing the loud firing and the air-compressor. Still he would not give up, poking his hand out and firing off as many as he could. It wasn’t long till both of them were all out of ammo, but David didn’t know that. Andrew came around and as he aimed it at David he ran for the hills, clutching his butt and almost losing his footing as he skidded out of the shed. OMG so funny. I laughed so much I nearly peed my pants.

Andrew thinks I am very crafty and I was quite pleased with myself today as I got the primer on the fridge, without lifting a finger. he says it’s my plan to get the boys interested and then they can’t stand idly by. Well, I didn’t really plan it, but it worked out just fine. He just couldn’t stand by and watch me stuff it up, (which is exactly what I would have done) and HADto help. Hee hee.

To start with (apparently) I did not sand it enough. I said it was enough. He said it wasn’t.

So he sanded it some more. I watched carefully. 🙂

I wanted to put the primer on. I bought a can at Bunnings yesterday- the lady told me would be right for the job after I carefully explained what I was doing.  He said the primer wouldn’t be enough. It only did 2 metres square, and would need 2 coats. Therefore, for the whole fridge which is about 6 metres square I would need 6 cans instead of 1. If you were going to bother with that you may as well get a tin and he will use the spray gun, even though the clean up was a pain.

Okay. So David drove me to Bunnings to get some more. I was a good passenger. 🙂

So, we had Primer, but he said i needed to convert the rust. I said I wouldn’t worry. He said I had to. I said I didn’t know how.

David showed me how you mix it with water and spray it on, like this. I took notes. 🙂

Then it needed to be wiped down.

But they already had dirty hands so they did it for me.I watched to be sure they got all the drips 🙂

Then it needed to be taped off. I said don’t worry, I will scrape the paint off the rubber. I didn’t care, it’s a ROUGH JOB. Stop worrying so much.

They taped it off together. I picked at it. 🙂

Andrew didn’t even ask me if I wanted to paint it in the end. He just did. And I watched. 🙂

Then I watched as he took the spray gun to pieces and meticulously cleaned it. Ready for tomorrow. 🙂

That’s one job done for today. A job well done I’d say.

Primed and ready to go

Primed and ready to go


2 responses to “Some moments are priceless…

  1. You tell a great story Tania! And well done on the fridge- I use this methodology a lot around my house too……hehehehe…….

  2. good supervising!

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