Across Australia and Back

Anyone know Peta Shepherd? Well, she’s a friend of mine. Peta is a talented and creative lady I am thrilled to say (and can’t quite believe it yet) will be joining our staff in November.

Like me, Peta is happily married with 4 kids, the two youngest being twins. But unlike me, is is off on a wonderful holiday to the other side of this great country of ours and won’t be back for weeks and weeks!

Peta and Ron have started a Blog of their own, to document their travels. You can check in here to see what they are up to. I love how she writes, and have been checking in daily for the next exciting episode.


2 responses to “Across Australia and Back

  1. Hey, thanks for that, didn’t realise she was doing the site, sure is interesting and Yes I know her and Cathe that travelled with them to Ceduna is my daughter….

  2. Thought so. Couldn’t surely be two Cathe’s with Jake and Levi’s.

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