Last day

Today was the last of my days off and it’s back to work tomorrow for me. I have enjoyed my time off, but somehow haven’t seemed to get accomplished what I wished to. My dear husband tells me that is because my expectations are too high and I don’t have a realistic idea of how long things actually take.

Like how long it takes to paint a fridge. Oh and by the way the paint I told him to use practically slid off the primer… it looks shocking. He is very unhappy, I should have done it “right”. Ah well, now I can say “Andrew painted it”. His reputation is shot now. Mwahh haa haah haar.

I also wanted to have my photos sorted for retreat. I wanted to be up to date! Now, realistically, this is NEVER going to happen, but I did think I would have sorted more by now. I just keep doing things like watching tv with the kids and going to maccas for icecream.

Gotta love school holidays.


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