Boxes boxes boxes

Have you been wondering what I have been up to? I haven’t had time to blog and have been busy every day and night. Last night I didn’t work, but I am trying to get a printer working for retreat, then my kids pinned me on the couch to watch Iron Man. The all-important things we have to do.

So, here I am….. and I am inundated with boxes! Our special retreat orders have arrived and oh boy are you in for a treat! My credit card has taken a beating, and so is my back. I just want to crawl under these tables and hide. Yeah, hide and eat chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

And I have already processed two orders, those boxes are gone and the stock is away (or hidden – hee hee) So, there was more than this. We will bring it out this stock for the retreat. Then for one day only there will a display. Monday 20th October.

Wanna know what’s in these boxes? It’s a secret. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

Some of this stock is consignment only, which means that if it doesn’t sell at our Retreat Weekend, or our One Day display, then it’ll go back to the supplier. We simply do not have the room, but it’s a fabulous opportunity to get a look at some more scrapbooking supplies.

I just bet you are itching to know what we’ve got.

Whilst I have been sitting here, I have had 2 more deliveries. Ahhhh…. Rachel picked a good week to have off.

Back to it!


3 responses to “Boxes boxes boxes

  1. Jeepers! That’s a lotta boxes………sometimes I dream that I’ll open my front door and the courier has left this many boxes of scrappy stuff……in reality I’m lucky to get a pizza box full once a month hehehehe

  2. sorry!!! I can come in & help if you like….. I love to see all the new goodies too!! There will still be heaps to do on Monday when I’m back. looking forward to retreat again this year.

  3. Lou – It’s like Christmas here… very exciting… I love my job. A pizza box full is pretty good though!

    Rach – Enjoy your time off with your family. You certainly deserve it!

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