Scenic Route Sonoma

Our new range is up now. Sonoma is just beautiful.

SR769 A Sonoma West Spain Street SR770 A Sonoma Madera Drive SR771 A Sonoma Claudia Drive SR772 A Sonoma Verano Ave SR773 A Sonoma Rosalie Drive SR774 A Sonoma Oak Lane SR775 A Sonoma Sondra Drive SR776 A Sonoma Napa Street SR777 A Sonoma Melody Lane SR778 A Sonoma Sierra Place SR779 A Sonoma Grove Street SR780 A Sonoma Olive Ave SR781 A Sonoma Kraft Red Bouqet IMAGE SR782 A Sonoma Pink Garland Kraft Image SR783 A Sonoma Ornamental Kraft IMAGE SR784 A Sonoma Scrap Strip 1 SR785 A Sonoma Scrap Strip 2 SR786 A Sonoma Scrap Strip 3

SRA339 A Months Clear StampSRA336 A Days of the Week CLear Stamp

SRS792 Sonoma Little Princess StickerSRS793 Sonoma Snapshot Sticker copySRS794 Sonoma Label Stickers copySRT797 A Sonoma Buttons Image

SRS345 Quincy Alpha BlackSRS343 Omaha Sticker RedSRS346 Quincy Alpha BrownSRS341 Omaha Stickers Black


2 responses to “Scenic Route Sonoma

  1. SRPC never disappoint do they? I love all of that but no more scrap shopping for a while……’s not like I need anything……mmm maybe I DO need Sonoma……

  2. I enjoyed putting these out, such a lovley bright range, I would like the two sts of stamps, if they se4ll could you please re order for me? ta, be back on deck friday to hit the ground running for retreat, will chose papers then (if there are any left!!) love Rachel.

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