No Way

Okay, who voted “no way”?

Seems those who did know me better than most. I worked hard and tried my best, but alas I still have a little more to do.

So maybe “pretty much” was right too.

Retreat stuff was all done (Phew) (except the two boxes that came in late)
My scrapping stuff is all packed (except I need a few more photos printed)
My clothes/shoes/costume are all packed. That’s the easy bit!
Classes are 70% done. That will keep me right for 5 weeks. (Great classes this term)

I am never going to be ever completely organised, so “no way” was right too. Sad fact for me to come to terms with but I’ll get over it.

So.. pretty much – yes – no way. Hee hee.

Now we need to lock off the workshop and display it all.. YAY. The fun bit.


One response to “No Way

  1. Hehehehe- it was me that voted “NO WAY”! Sorry……..;)

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