A Mother of a Teenager

Yep, it’s official.

Joshua turned 13 yesterday. So I am now the Mother of a teenager. How old’s that!

He had a nice day. School would have been fun – as always, and he loves the sensory room where he gets to kick back and play with his favourite things. I think Josh would like it if that were HIS room.

At home we had Lauren and Mum visit, so that was nice, and presents all round from them and Wendy too, as well as cards in the mail, some stuffed with dollars! We’ll buy some new movies for him.

From us he got a new DVD player (as he has worn one out already) and it has a “repeat” function! Yay! No more crying for someone to press “Play”. You know, he has worn out one DVD and three CD players in his 13 years. Not bad!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little (well not so little anymore) boy. xxxx


7 responses to “A Mother of a Teenager

  1. Glad that Joshua had a good day and that he got some nice presents.
    We wish we could have been there to share his special day but can’t wait to see him at Christmas- time .
    Happy Birthday darling Josh.
    Lots of love from Oma and Opa.

  2. Happy Birthday Josh- we surely cannot be this old!!

  3. Happpy Birthday matey. Hope you got Aunty Louise’s card.

    Tania, it only seems like yesterday that we’re outside King Kong when I was on break from Uni in April 95, and you asked me “Hey. Guess what?”.

    Time flies the older you get…..

  4. You’ll all be here soon! Can’t wait!

    Yes – we ARE this old. When did that happen? He was just a little infant last time I looked and now I turn around and he has grown like a weed! A long lanky one! Hee hee.

    Thanks for the wishes.. I will pass them on when I squish up in his bed with him to watch his new movie tonight!

    Louise’s card is being scrutinised by Lauren, who is trying very hard to be as good as the “real” sister-in-laws,’ as she is still a “sister-in-law-in-training”.

    Thanks xxx

  5. Oh God, tell her not to look too closely………..Hope Josh liked it though!

  6. Don’t worry, it’s been closely scrutinised. She wanted to throw yours in the bin before I got home. Hers is just as nice! You know how I love handmade cards. xxx Josh was allowed to “look” but we didn’t give it to him to “play with”.

  7. A mother of a teenager, yeah you are pretty old now. (hehe) Hope he had a fantastic day. xoxo

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