Daneale and Matt’s Wedding

They fly to Vanuatu in 2 hours on their honeymoon.

Daneale is one of “our girls” and has moved with Matt up north. Their wedding was on Saturday, as was ours (in honour of them as Daneale couldn’t be back to scrap with us).

Here is a truly beautiful slideshow of that captures a few of the moments during their day. Oh, I had a tear in my eye. They are such a beautiful couple and the love shows through in every photo.

Click on this link http://www.ksphotography.net.au/buckley/webslideshow/index.html


3 responses to “Daneale and Matt’s Wedding

  1. Thank you for sharing your web slide show with us. It was really beautiful. We wish you both the best Daneale and Matthew.

  2. Daneale & Matt, you both look so happy, lovley to see you had a great day, all the best to you, love Rachel xxxx

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for all your well wishes. We had a great day, lots of fun and well the Honeymoon…. was better then we could have wished for!!
    PS- Love your wedding photos!! Missing you guys
    Love Daneale

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