Scrap Retreat 08

It all began at 4pm on Friday – a bunch of ladies all looking forward to a scrapping good time for the next 46 hours. Golden Pond would be our ‘home away from home” for this weekend.

No cooking, no cleaning, no husbands, no children, no worries and lots and lots of scrapbooking.

Raelene and David catered for us all weekend – oh my the food was scrumtious! Nothing was too much trouble, such hospitality! We had Supper, Cooked breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch Afternoon Tea… oh you get the picture! Just delicious. Plus the girls all had their little stashes of their favourite treats, which I made sure to do the rounds on each table to sample.

I am trying to process the photos now… it turns out that we took 1,328 photos. That’s true scrapbookers for you! Hee hee I have one CD done – and it took forever…  but it took me half the night to realise that it is only viewable on my other computer as it’s a DVD copy and not a CD copy. So… in short… I can’t view the pics on this computer. Therefore no photos for you tonight, and I am working day and night Wed and Thursday so it’ll have to be on the weekend.

See you then. xxx


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