Getting caught in the rain…

It came down this morning on the way to school. We don’t usually expect such rains in October, but there it was. The roads were slippery and the edges have those huge puddles that the kids just love when the cars go through them and spray water out to the sides. They were very talkative in the car, and seemed to get more excited each time I upped the speed on the wiper blades.

Just as we arrived at school it bucketed down. Frantically they searched for umbrellas. They found 2 – between 3 kids. So someone had to share. It wasn’t going to be Em, so she opted for the smaller umbrella and took off.

Oh, the sight of them this morning almost brought tears to my eyes. Daniel couldn’t open the umbrella, and was fumbling in the heavy rain. It was loud and there were cars piling up behind us in the drop-off-zone. He just stood there and let out a squeal. I just cracked up… he is so funny. It was that little girly squeal that he does, and then he just put his head down and stood there. I was screaming (over the noise of the pelting rain on the car) to “Push the button” on the umbrella. When he finally got it, Matthew got out of the car and joined him under the safety of the big brolly (thanks to my BankWest friend) and they just stood there are chuckled like a pair of giggling gerties with their little heads as close together as they could get.  Then they tentatively began to walk up to class, as other students (without brollies) ran past. Getting caught in the rain can be so much fun.

They were so stinking cute!


4 responses to “Getting caught in the rain…

  1. Stinking cute? I bet it’s more like a sort-of wet dog smell ?

    Nice pic.

  2. I think Matty’s feet were by the end of the day! His toes were wrinkled. Ewww.

  3. great photo, did you take it?

  4. No she didn’t. Wouldn’t risk getting the camera wet.

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