Bin Squasher

Inventions Unlimited – Andrew’s talent constantly amazes me.

Here is his latest invention – the Automatic Wheelie-Bin Squasher.


3 responses to “Bin Squasher

  1. You gotta be careful not to squish it all down too well or the rubbish stays in the bottom when the bin man tips the rubbish into the truck. Ask my husband about the cardboard that’s still (wedged) in the bottom of my recycling bin!!

  2. I have to squish it down like that – because you don’t squish down 2L Coke and milk bottles and fill it up before bin day!

  3. I have been known to use this technique as well, but at times we have had a little too much trash and i’ve had to bring out the BIG GUNS…yes not a little, scrawny, 30kg kid but a big burly husband. Yes, it must be quite a site to see a 6’2″ man
    jumping up and down, and up and down and up and down {you get the message} in a wheelie bin.
    Hee hee!!!!

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