Trick or Treat

Things have been kinda hectic lately, as you can tell because it’s been so quiet here on this blog. Also, my monitor has packed up and I haven’t even turned this computer on in a few days. I pinched my dear husbands monitor to get on tonight – he’s thrilled about that (not).

This weekend has been quite the “Party Weekend” with the Halloween night on Friday night – that was fun with dress up and an excuse to get together with friends. The kids sure love it too, and they watched the movie “Monster House”, all packed in like sardines in the loungeroom. I couldn’t count how many kids there were in there, mostly wearing black and high on sugar. Older kids were off talking and younger ones were hanging about the toys in the bedrooms. Of course I have oodles of photos, but I am so far behind that I wont post them (except that I will post one of my husband… fresh from the grave, he looked awesome in his zombie costume – amazing what a little acid-free scrapbook glue and tissue paper can do for the complexion along with a 2 buck makeup set. He didnt’ even have to change his shirt (and no, he didn’t tear it, this is how he wears it! ) Everyone looked so great, there was such an array of characters – as well as many witches and old hags, we also had SuperMan and SuperGirl, Foxee Lady, a Ninja, Zorro, Pirates, Vampires, Darth Vader, a Police Officer and his crack pot, The incredible Hulk, a couple of Black Cats, Skeletons, Grim Reaper, Devils and even the Joker.

Then last night was the school fundraiser “Ladies Night”, and it was a wedding theme, so guests had to dress as brides, grooms or bridemsaids, or just formal. I think they raised a packet for the school, and boy it was fun. Give the ladies a few champagnes and they will empty their purses for their kids school! I wish I had a photo of this, I had my hair cut yesterday and then Jo put it up in a “do” for me.. it looked cool, glitter and all. Quite different to the night before where it was teased and looking rather revolting.

Spent all of today cleaning up and recovering. I’d get up and go do a bit, then find myself sitting on the lounge falling asleep, then up I’d get and go outside to tidy up and soon enough I would be laying on the “lazy-girl” for a rest.

Emily ran a bath for me. Talk about pampered. She filled it with hot water, and strawberry bubble bath, with lavender oil aromatherapy gel and some radox for good measure. She put an ‘olden day’ cd on with love songs and brought me a glass and some chocolate. Then she lit 3 tealights and placed them at the foot of the bath. Last but not least, she came in with a flower and spinkled white petals. I am SO glad I have a daughter!  So so so glad!


One response to “Trick or Treat

  1. Oh MY!!! who is that scary monster?? Surely it’s not my handsome son-in-law in disguise!!!

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