Melbourne Cup Day

Those who didn’t desert us for favour of the Race Track had a lovely quiet Melbourne Cup Luncheon in the workshop and LOADS of Pavlova. We bet on the horses, we listened to the race. What a great Aussie Day.

I am in agreeance that it should be a Public Holiday. It’s a traditional Australian Event. I think we should pull one of the public holidays that don’t mean so much to Australia and fit this one in there instead.  I had a lady in today who didn’t agree, she argued that it made people spend too much money on gambling, and that families would go without next week as a consequence. That gambling is a bad thing.

Ok, so I agree that gambling isn’t so great, but really consider the whole “Melbourne Cup” tradition. Me, I couldn’t give a hoot about the horses, who wins, who get’s scratched and all that fuss. I don’t really care about fashion and I certainly don’t wear hats. The whole Melbourne Cup is traditional to get dressed up, to actually wear a dress, and a big fancy hat. It’s tradition to have a bet, it’s tradition to at least know who won the race. Even if you forget 10 minutes later. Who cares. It’s Australian.

Arguing against betting on Melbourne Cup Day is like saying you shouldn’t have a “New Year’s celebration. It’s tradition to have a drink, to make a resolution, to stay up till midnight. If you overdo the drinking, then thats not New Year’s fault, it’s your own. Drinking is just as sinful as betting. Just as if you bet too much money on the Cup, then it’s not Melbourne Cup’s fault, it’s your own.

Me, I lost six bucks. But I had fun doing it.


What do you think?


5 responses to “Melbourne Cup Day

  1. This is a tricky one- if Cup Day were a public holiday, would it have to be moved to a Monday to please all those lovers of the long weekend? If it continued to be Tuesday, then people would take Monday off too? I dunno, but I agree Melbourne Cup day is celebrated by more Australians than Labour Day or the Queen’s Birthday……….I went to a nice lunch with my playgroup mums…….heaps of two-year-olds way overdue a nap……..great fun! (I even wore a dress…….with pants underneath hehehehe)

  2. Most people take it as a sickie here in Perth. They go to Ascott Raceway and get all dressed up.

  3. It’s a horse race for “God’s Sake”. So infatically NO!!!!!

  4. Yep, ya gotta frock up and throw a couple of dollars in a sweep….after that, sometimes people get married! Did a wedding straight after the Cup yesterday, a couple from Switzerland. No Aussies would book a Wedding on the first Tuesday in november!

  5. Basilia Facchini

    Yes make it a public holiday!!!!
    I didnt do the Melbourne cup thing this year,too tired from all my moving and a quick overnight trip to Perth.I sat on the couch to watch the race with a glass of bubbly and a very yummy steak burger from the Gull servo. Normally I would dress up put on a Hat and head off too lunch and then to the races.for a lovely day. Dont know a thing about horses etc but love the day. I called in at the supermarket on the way to get the kids and I could have shopped naked.the staff looked half asleep.
    Close the doors have the day off !!and for those naughty ones who will take Monday and wedensday off you need a Doctors Certificate or you just dont get paid!!!!! that will tidy up a few stray end.

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