Here comes the Bride…

What a wedding. First the Father of the Bride is an old drunk. The Bride doesn’t even have shoes on.


The Bridesmaids didn’t do such a hot job either… they let her wear black bras!

The Mother of the Groom was very sad… well, she tried to be. It was pretty hard to keep a straight face.

retreat-143 retreat-144

The ceremony begins.

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here in the Presence of Tania and Rachel to join this unbelievably talented mad keen scrapping woman to this exceptionaly understanding and generous man.

(more to come… will be edited later)


Speak now or forever hold your peace… and out comes the pregnant ex girlfriend… And she was hot too! The groom thought about it for a bit, wondering which side his bread was buttered on, and then the groomsman decided now was a good time to tell this Mother-to-be that he had always loved her and they could live happily together.

So the Wedding was still on. Sort of.


A scuffle broke out, Father made sure Groom wasn’t going to do a runner, even though he had offers coming in from the Cricut Band Members too.


Meanwhile the Flour Girl and the Page Boy were pulling faces and playing up – as kids do.


They were stuffing themselves with lollies and making a racket.


Teasing each other. Yes that’s toilet paper hanging from his suit.

retreat-tania-797 retreat-tania-798

Finally the rings came out, no thanks to the Best Man.


Giggle giggle.


I now pronounce you Man and Wife.







One response to “Here comes the Bride…

  1. Yes…..The Father of the Bride was a drunk BUT not old lol
    It was a lot of fun. Thanks Tania for the best retreat ever. Thank you to all the girls who went along and made it such a great weekend xo

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