Bad bad Blogger

If you are one of my loyal readers who checks back here often – I apologise. I left you for a while, with no notice and I am sorry. How rude of me. But I am glad that you are here now. Even if I don’t know who is here. Or if anyone is here. Is anyone out there? Helllloooo.

I am back. I am Sorry. Bad blogger. Bad bad blogger.

Am I forgiven?

I haven’t been lazy. I promise. I have been busy. I also have photos. Wanna see?

Now I can only post a couple, because I am supposed to be proofing photos for a family photo shoot, and they have been patiently waiting for weeks now.

I have been working lots, we have such great classes to plan for and I’ve had such fun ordering new stuff for our display-of-the-month. This week I have worked 4 nights and haven’t had time for the in-between things. There’s been the retreat, then Halloween, then Joshy’s birthday, then mine. it all just happens this month, it’s crazy busy and I love it. My mum is safe home from Bali, she flew home the morning after the bombers were executed and it was all a bit much for me. I am so glad she is home safe. And she brought me pressies. I have a nice Chanel bag. 😛

We have been on a weekend away with some friends. Oh that was blissful. Five families – all friends. How much better can it get? Well, it could have been six families, that would have been better. but five families it was, with fifty kids. Not really, but when they are all in the pool, it sounds like fifty kids.


I love this shot of Child #2. I had the kids doing all sorts of water play so i could try out different settings on my camera. The water droplets look cool in a big swirl across the top of this photo.


#4 had a go too. Hee hee. We didn’t quite get the effect we were looking for.


Gotta love girlfriends. We kick back and relax whilst the boys are at golf. Ahh, it’s the life.  I lost my ‘drinking buddy’ this year, she piked on us. So, we had one in honour. (our drinking buddy is a bit of a “ladette” if ya know what I mean.. wink wink)


And Champage… with strawberries. When I drink too many of these, I start seeing things. I can’t photograph straight and little faces pop up in my photos. Not that I am a Ladette or anything. BURP!


Our babies don’t get to the beach much so the opportunity to go was so nice. We walked about the rocks, looked at crab after crab after crab after cra… oh you get the picture. Then Child #3 wanted to go look at the surf. It was flat and calm I swear. Then this came. I was a fair distance away with my telephoto lens, and as i look at these photos I can hear Child #4 screaming with horror.. “RUUUUUNNNNNN!”


What could he do but run?  It got him! Big time. And he was all wet, full of shells and rocks and stuff. Just in time to drive the 2 hour trip home. Joy. They slept the whole way.

Oh, A & D.. I am working on your photos… see! You’ll have them before Christmas…. 2009.  Hee hee. Isn’t he a cutie!


So, that’s me up to date. I think. What have you all been up to lately?


7 responses to “Bad bad Blogger

  1. I do check in your site quite regularly to see what is happening in Geraldton as my daughter Michelle is over there. I love to see your photos. They are exceptional!!



  2. Wondered where you were. Sounds as if you had a wonderful time. Nothing better than getting away with family and friends.

  3. Hi Tania
    I miss what is happening in your family
    but i am enjoying my classes with Rachel.
    looks like you all had a great time.

  4. Welcome back to blog-land!

  5. And to think you get to do it all again in in 6 weeks – yippee!!!

  6. It’s bad when you get backed up and you can’t blog…

    …yes I do check it everyday.

    It’s actually a “Channel” bag, .. …look closely.

    Nice pics (as usual).

  7. Did miss my fixes. Glad you’re back in Blog World.

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