Clever Wrapping

Hey there.

Whilst I was doing some photos today (yes I am working hee hee) I found these photos of Joshua on his 13th birthday from a few weeks ago.

Don’t ya love it when you are flicking through photos and you find something that makes you smile? Well, I have lots of photos to flick through, and plenty to smile about.

Especially this.


The King purchased and wrapped the birthday gift this year. I think he did a mighty fine job. Can you see what he wrapped it in? Aluminium Foil. What a stroke of genius! It took Joshy about 5 minutes to break through the foil, (almost impossible for him to get through normal wrapping paper, unless you tear it for him) and then little sister helped by turning it around so the wrapping tore all the way. HE DID IT! Happy birthday Josh!


Okay. That’s enough. Back to work.


7 responses to “Clever Wrapping

  1. These pics made me smile too- sometimes it’s all about the wrapping! Well done on the unwrapping too Josh- but it looks like a pretty cool pressy was inside all that foil hehehehe!

  2. Oh yeah… it’s all about the wrapping! This year’s Christmas is GOLD!
    Bring it on!

  3. Well, needless to say, Louise has done the unthinkable. She’s made all her own wrapping paper for Chrismas this year.

    I heard the phrase “Not fricking-well going to bother next year, that’s for sure…”. Methinks it took longer than first envisaged.

    But it does look pretty cool I must say – but way too much effort for my liking.

  4. It will be admired and appreciated!
    I have loads of ribbon this year, so you’ll see the scrappers will be the ones scabbing for the ribbon and the homemade papers during cleanup.

  5. Never give a present that’s not beautifully wrapped (not to mention, do as I say, not as I do!)

  6. It was all going along nicely until I realised that perhaps Oliver’s presents from Santa were going to look an awful lot like the other presents from Uncle Chris and Aunty Louise……..could have been embarrassing for Santa to have to admit that I helped him with wrapping this year, so I went and bought some “shop” paper and tags.

  7. Mmm. Might have to co-ordinate with you on that one. Will check it out when I come visit next month. xxx

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