Penguin Waffles

Mummeeeeeee, can we make Penguin Waffles for breakfast? Please?

Oh, they are a pain, and they take so long… but oh, they are worth it for Sunday morning breakfast. We only have them once in a blue moon, but it’s a nice change.


Actually, I think I like the process just as much as the end result. If that means sharing the kitchen with my not-so-little girl for an hour. Mixing and measuring, cooking and decorating, it’s all the nicer when my not-so-little girl is by my side. We bicker and we fight, we kiss and cuddle, we gang up on her Daddy and we lick the bowl. My not-so-little girl  is growing so fast I have to enjoy every moment. And I am.

Just this morning she was curled in my arms, all bed warm, and telling me about her dreams. I stroked her forehead just as I have done since she was a tiny baby, wondering who put life on “fast forward” and how many more years will I have to hold her like this? My not-so-little girl is capable of cooking her own waffles, from scratch, so I love it when she invites me to help and we have a little more time together, doing girl stuff.


Waffles, so sweet, covered in icecream and honey, just the way they should be! And it sure does sweeten the boys in the house too! Penguin waffles are not your average waffle!

What’s your Sunday breakfast?


9 responses to “Penguin Waffles

  1. YUM! Emily will have to make these for me when we come at Christmas time- I might even help!!

  2. I will definitely help EAT them !!! They look SO yummy Emily .
    Please make LOTS of them for us at Christmas time !!!
    Love; Oma

  3. Louise… what’s with the black box? We’ll have both waffle irons going at Christmas and be cranking them out with a production line, it’s hard to keep up with the boys.

    Bev… you bet! Like my new dinner set? I just HAD to have a new set as my old cracked yellow set is just about dead. I was telling Dad that I got new plates that all matched and could set the dinner table nice for everyone at Christmas. His response? “We can eat of plastic plates” Typical.

  4. Dad probably thinks he has to do the dishes so opted for throwaway plates but he’s forgetting that you’ve got a dishwasher.

  5. and trained little ones that will run the dishes to the dishwasher for us!

  6. And do my eyes decieve me or is that a matching coffee cup?!

  7. Oooh yeah! My new set… Like?
    But I DO have one odd one that sits proudly in the centre of my set! Actually I have lots of odd ones.. how many coffee cups can one family recieve as gifts over the years? Man! These are all hidden in the back of the cupboard (except for a few, like my Scrappers Cup, and Andrew’s fabulousino -yes I made that up- cup that Daniel hand-painted a Monaro on last year at school for a gift for Big Daddy)
    Andrew said not to buy white. So I got cream with a little beige flick though it. Hee hee. What? It’s not white.

  8. Dunno what’s going on with the black box?!………..My trick is to buy all my dinnerware/servingware in plain white and then it all matches all the time- I have a thing for matching as you all know……..

  9. Black box – black box? I have no idea either. Very strange.

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