I fell off my bike today.

4 times.

Now stop laughing.

And I got lost.

Are you still laughing? Stop it.

There are just some things I am not so great at. For one, I have this hereditary thing, that I am directionally challenged. So after riding my bike to my girlfriends house and getting directions for the “short-cut” through the dirt track I set off home. I took a wrong turn somehow and ended up on the dirt track to Nabawa. The dirt track was not a “bike track” and my bike is not meant for dirt. Besides, it was carrying a fair bit of weight, so as I skidded and slipped and the wheels dug in I fell a few times. Once I stopped, got off and stood there like a little kid, wanting to cry. I was lost. There were no more houses, and I was on the wrong side of the river. Surely I was so far out that I’d be out of mobile range. I’d pulled a muscle in my leg, I was hot and not in “biking” clothing. Surely I couldn’t go back? Through that dirt again? But I was in the bush, and there are snakes and lizards and cougars and bears. Not to mention the killer kangaroos that live around these parts. So, I go back a way and head towards houses. I am not athletic. Not even a little bit. I only went for a ride in the first place because my dear husband convinced me that I needed to get out and exercise. I was going to stay home and scrap. I haven’t scrapped at home since before the retreat. Waaa. I pulled another muscle on the back of the other leg as I fell of yet again. What on earth possessed me to let Andrew buy me a bike. It’s the stupidest idea I have ever had. Well, one of the stupidest ideas.

So, what does one do when they are in need of rescuing? They call for help, (I really wasn’t that far out of town, just a couple of streets away) and then a knight in a shining Chrysler comes to save the day. Only I had a wheelie bin in the back and he had to ride my bike (with my helmet perched on top of his head… oh a good look, the things he does for me, makes my heart go flutter) while I turn up the airconditioner and take a leisurely drive home.

Bike riding is not good for me. For my next birthday I am wishing for jewellry.


7 responses to “Today

  1. Cougars??!!

  2. Cougars and bears………really Tania…..what next.

  3. So, we’ll cross hiking off our list for Kalbarri??

  4. There’s danger in them there hills.

  5. I didn’t know hiking was on the list- it’s not on mine anyway! I’ll get my exercise in the pool hehehehe!

  6. Or perhaps our exercise could be reaching for our drink…

  7. oh, I’ll take a walk… to the gift shop… they have jewellry there.

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