Burnin’ up the Backyard

Loving all the titles for that photo in my last post. Keep em rolling!
I really like these photos of my boys – being boys! They are such indoors kinda kids that it’s great to see them out and using up some energy, plus there is the fact that I have something to photograph for a change. It’s not like theres any action on the cubby. (Did you notice?) I have been looking through the photos taken yesterday, first I was interested in the ones that were in focus, and the best “air-time” shots, but I found myself drawn to their expressions after a while. Oh they are so damn cute. If I do say so myself. And I do. And I did. And I will continue to do so.


There’s the look of concentration, the “I’m cool” look, the “Did you see that Mum?” look the “Oh Jeepers, I am glad I made that jump” look and then theres this one…


Man I love that kid!

Gardening gloves and all.


One response to “Burnin’ up the Backyard

  1. those boys were sure “Born to be Wild”- not! the cutest “bikies” I have ever seen hehehehehe

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