Happy 6th Birthday

to The Scrapbook House.


6 years has flown, and we have grown. Hey that rhymes. I am a poet and I didn’t knowit. For the past 2 days we have been celebrating and I have only just now had a moment to blog. (They are all fast asleep) It’s been a full-on couple of days, with David’s 18th and the shop’s 6th.


We had a lovely day at the shop – Thank you to everyone who visited us and shared in the celebration, and congratulations to those who won raffles and the silent auctions. Even the boys next door had some cake with us. Rachel, Dani and myself were worn out by the end of it, such fun. It is still a nice place to come to work (even on our days off) after all these years. Dani and I ended up staying all day with Rachel and spent much of it chatting and drinking and eating, as well as talking about our favourite things… scrapbooking and helping ladies (and gents) with their purchases. What a big day.


Hey there Miss N, we see you getting yourself a bargain or two !


6 candles for 6 years. Also 6 marshmallowflowers on the cake courtesy of my little Princess.


All the staff. Dani, Rachel, Tania (me) and Peta.

Peta started last week, and hasn’t had a ‘proper’ introduction yet, but I am sure many of you know Peta or her work already. She has been around since the days before the Marine Terrace shop.

I must say that I think we have the best team! I still have to pinch myself every once in a while to see if it’s real or not. I am so so so so lucky. I love these girls. This shop would not be what it is without them.


Then it was time for David’s celebration. That’s been an ongoing thing this weekend, and The King has declared it “Worship David Day” today, and all weekend we are to hail the mighty David. Needless to say, David thinks this is a great idea. So we went out to dinner last night, where he recieved his gifts and tonight it was family night here, and Lauren and I cooked dinner for everyone. We had entree too, so it was pretty flash for me. Hee hee. Thank goodness for Lenards Garlic Chicken MIngion. Yum. Plus, we got to try out the new cutlery and plates before Christmas. Yep – they work.

And, the little Princess sang for us tonight, made my Mum cry. hee hee. Well done!

Of to bed now, I am not assured of a sleepin tomorrow morning… but one can always be hopeful.

Oh no, I hear Josh. See ya! xxx


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