It was Thanksgiving in America this weekend, and I know we don’t celebrate it here, but after reading some of my favourite blogs and their entries about being thankful it kinda got me in the mood. Of course there is so much to be thankful for and I am truly thankful for so much, but right now…

I am thankful for my brothers. My baby brother turned 18 on Friday and I had another brother come and spend the weekend (from Friday till this morning) with us to help celebrate.  He brought his little one with him , who is an absolute delight, and we had a really nice time together.


Dinner on Friday night. David was very happy to receive his present that Andrew had carefully chosen. Andrew had always wanted a set like this.


This is where he discovered that Andrew had taken all the shiny new tools out of the set and replaced them for his old grotty ones. Good one!


So Andrew did get a nice new set after all! Hee hee.


The girls did a bit of a lineup for a photo, seeing as we were all glammed up.


The next morning Little O was transformed into Darth Vader and had a ball with all the kids toys. It’s a like a toy factory here!


Then it was off to the Waterpark.


Where Uncle Chris taught my #4 child how to fly.


And then Little O learned how to fly too as Uncle Chris encouraged #4 to bounce him up!
Another Family dinner and then games night. We lost Chris and Little O though, they ended up in my bed and that was the end of them. Pikers!


On Sunday after breakfast (which really was lunchtime) we went to the local pool. Child #1 sooked until we took him into the therapy pool which was much warmer.



And Little O did some more flying lessons. His laughter is so infectious. He also got to go down the waterslide. Wahoo.

I am thankful for family. Thankfully I have loads of them!


5 responses to “Thankful

  1. Oh, you’ll be sick of ’em all soon.

  2. We both had a great time. Thanks for having us – we’ve come home to relax and get back in the routine. No more going to bed at 10:30 for Oliver!
    He quietly talked to himself and read some books in the car for the four hour journey home. We had a nice lunch at Cataby Roadhouse and he slept the last hour home

  3. Happy 18th Birthday David; we look forward to catching up with you at Christmas time and also meeting Lauren.
    By the way I hope that Andrew DID return the shiny new tools to David !!!!
    Sounds like you had a lot of fun on the weekend. Get ready for another onslaught of visitors very soon !!!!

  4. More visitors! Bring it on!

  5. Thanks to all the Littlely kids for playing so happily with my little boy- he had such a great time and can’t wait for Xmas- and yes, his laughter is very infectious!

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