Counting my Blessings

On the way to Perth I had an accident. I hit a big Red Kangaroo. Smack bam in the front of the car, it bounded across the road, and although I braked with all that I had, we collected it and it flew up and over the bonnet, landing a few metres away in the bush. It was a very big kangaroo. The poor thing was hurt extremely badly, it’s leg obviously broken, but as it tried to stand, seeing it’s height, with it’s massive tail fiercely flapping about for balance, I felt it unsafe to tread closer. Those are the times you need a gun, please forgive me for leaving it to eventually die. I hope it happened quickly.
So, what happened? I was travelling under the speed limit; there was traffic in front and behind. It was 2pm in the afternoon. Not kangaroo time. Predominately it’s dusk and dawn you need to be extra wary. You have to be wary all the time. Every second. So, the roo comes bounding out from the right hand side, and all those years of driving education from Andrew paid off. I didn’t swerve. If I had it would probably be a very different story. If we had of hit gravel at that speed I surely wouldn’t have been able to handle the car, Lord knows we could have flipped it. Thank God we kept straight; thank God the brakes are fabulous. The kangaroo hit the very front of the car and went up and over, the impact caused damage to 4 panels as it pushed it in. By the time we collided my speed was decreased dramatically, so there was no damage to the radiator or the motor in any way. Also, the airbags didn’t deploy.
Adrenaline shot through my body, I felt it in my veins and it hurt my fingertips. My heart rate was ticking over as I checked the car and I cried. I rang Andrew straight away. He hates me leaving home, he worries for me, and Mum was going to kill me. It’s Mums’ pride and joy, her beloved Mazda. This thought took precedence in my mind for many hours. I rang her straight away, from the side of the road.
I said “Mum, it’s Tania. I’m ok, but I have had and accident with your car. I have hit a kangaroo.
The very first thing she said is “What time did you leave”.
If I had of hit it at dusk or dawn I think I would have been in very big trouble, as she is ALWAYS saying don’t travel at dusk or dawn. But this was the middle of the day. Then she checks if I am ok and assures me that it is just a car and I am actually more precious than her car.
Now I have been reflecting on this a while, and I am thinking it was the car that saved me. Not my quick thinking, not that I was actually watching the road, but the car. And the fact that Mum loaned me her car. What is her reasoning for loaning me her car? WHY did she do that in the first place? The answer was simple, because her car is safer. If I had of been in my car, a van, the Kangaroo wouldn’t have been able to go up and over the bonnet, it would have impacted front on and stoved in the front.

I feel lucky to be alive, unhurt in anyway, with very little damage.

On the way to Perth, I drove alone for the first couple of hours, and stopped at Jurien Bay to pick up Peta. I was early so sat writing on my laptop for a bit. After my scare, I reflected on what I had written. If I had not survived, these words would be the last I would have written.

Today I am in Perth. I drove alone to Jurien Bay where I picked up Peta. I am finding that I am becoming a nervous driver on the open road these days. I think all the years of allowing someone else to drive has made me very tense when it comes to passing trucks on the highway. Thank goodness for all those passing lanes.
Maybe it is also as I age, and realise more so that humans certainly aren’t invincible, and the fear of not being around with my family makes me ever so much more cautious.
As a consequence you will find me waiting and waiting and waiting to overtake, much to the annoyance of anyone in the car with me (sorry Peta). If there is someone behind me I will slow so they can overtake and they are not stuck behind both me and the truck.
I really don’t like leaving my family, and found myself missing The King before I had even left town. Odd I know. What a sook. I will be back in a few days. <Get a grip woman.> So… if you see the King and his hoard of kids, tell him hello for me.


 The damage to Mum’s car doesn’t look bad, but she needs 4 panels replaced. Oh, and a new numberplate. Andrew found it very interesting how it’s designed to move and fold. We got out of it very very very lightly. I am around to enjoy life a whole lot longer.


Little O loves his Aunty Tania! Oh Boy oh boy! He’s loads of fun, and I actually got to play with him properly and have all the kisses and cuddles I wanted. There was no competition. No other much more exciting kids to play with. Just Aaarrr Tannnnaaaaaa. (That’s me)


We did the Christmas lights thing up the street, little O thought it was neat.


7 responses to “Counting my Blessings

  1. Oh Tan, very scary but so glad it wasn’t worse. Your Mum is right – you are way more important than the car!! Maybe it is old age because I share your more cautionary driving these days. No need to overtake unless I am completely confident. Enjoy those hugs – he’ll be all mine in a couple of weeks!!!!

  2. Very glad you made the trip in one piece. I’ve travelled that road around 30 times and never ever seen a Skippy (alive that is) on or around the road. I too always travel during the day to make doubley(?) sure.
    Yes. Little O did enjoy your company. Someone elese to play with him. He was asking for you today – wanted to know where his Aaaar Taanna is. He’ll see you soon enough.

  3. Lisa – You won’t get a look in! There’ll be far too many kids stealing him away.

    Chris – I can’t tell you how glad I was to arrive on your door and give you guys a hug. xx

  4. I too count my blessings Tania, the most recent being that you took my car to Perth and not the Chrysler. Your brakes (not being so crash hot -no pun intended) would have meant that you would have hit the roo at a faster speed. The extra speed may have catupaulted it into your windscreen as it is a higher vehicle than mine, There would have been no air bages to cushion the impact. The vision this conjres leaves me feeling cold. I AM SO GLAD YOU TOOK THE MIGHTY MAZDA!!!
    Sooooo Very glad.
    This is aslo why i always gave it to David & Lauren to take on Perth trips instead of the Ford Festiva. It’s safer. Which of course, besides being a Mazda girl for other reasons, is why I bought it in the first place (Perth Trips).
    It was a harrowing experience for you and you were totally distraught. but at the time of the impact you had kept your head, not swerved, and saved your selves from possible further disaster. You’re my girl. I am blessed to see you safely home again.
    Now go fix my car!!! Haha

  5. Oh MUM is ON HERE!
    Look out now!

    Love ya Mum.

  6. Did you notice Little O’s reflection in the Mazda pic? He’s all smiles as usual. Soooo cute 🙂

  7. Of course… He is in most of the photos I took. Glad you noticed too!

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