Perth Classes

Two days in Perth with full days of classes, of teaching the teacher, and we even managed to fit in a trip to Ikea (nothing like a little shopping to calm the nerves after dinging Mum’s car. See – you know things are just going right when whilst on your travels you stumble past Ikea on a Sunday afternoon – and it’s open! )  Kmart was on our list too. Poor country gals, living without Kmart. The tempation was too great, no kids and all! We stayed till they were closing.

Our classes were great, very informative. Peta gained a lot from the Cricut Day with Michelle Hartjies as our tutor, and we are planning our own Cricut Day at the shop for next year. I am also doing a Cricut Design Studio Demo night during Term One. This is for anyone, whether you have a Cricut or not, and is purely informational (and social hee hee), and free.

Meanwhile our Cricut Cartridge offer is still on. Buy any two Cricut cartridges from The Scrapbook House and you will get one for free!  Offer on till Christmas Eve. Click here for more details or come in to see us.

Our Day with Lynette Carroll was fabulous and I thoroughly enjoy her company. Lynette’s classes are always inspiring and stimulate my business mind as well as my creative mind. She makes every student glad to be in her class, and feel special with the extra effort put into presentation. I hope to take some of what I learned from Lynette and bring it home to make even better classes for our ladies.


We’ve got lots of things in the planning stages for next year, Cricut days, and even a Christmas Ornament Club starting in July. More details on that later.


Peta won a prize on both days, lucky duck! These clear acrylic stamps are just gorgeous! I did try to knick them a couple of times, but she was on to me. Damn.


A sneak peek of Lynette’s Class. Don’t worry, we will run it as soon as we get the stock, most probably with our extension class.


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