Christmas Parties


I just love this time of year. We get outside and dust off the BBQ. We get social. We tidy the house. We  give gifts. We are thankful for each other.

We had our staff Christmas Party on Saturday night, I am so blessed with great ladies to work with me. It’s nice to get together with our families and socialise for a while.

This week we have our Christmas Class Parties which are sure to be nice, and we are doing our ever faithful CD Art. We have so many in one night (21 booked so far) with only 12 seats, that we will have to take turns. I just love it how our Christmas CD Art has grown over the years, and hope that this tradition continues for a very very long time. I have my last 5 years creations on display now, they will come home with me at the end of this week to be put up in my home.  

 I managed to take some photos of the kids for Christmas this year, but they weren’t very co-operative, whinging and whining most of the time. It’s not easy to set them up, especially when you have a 13 yr old who cannot sit alone unsupported.
“Smile” I say through gritted teeth.
“But he’s pushing… she’s leaning on me… he’s dribbling… ewww… don’t push…. my leg hurts… do we have to… the light hurts my eyes… can I go now… I AM smiling… owww, he’s heavy… ewww!”

Here’s the finished product. In order they are #3, #1, #2 and #4. Don’t they look like angels? They are really. My angels, and I wouldn’t have them any other way! Well, maybe I would sometimes. 🙂


3 responses to “Christmas Parties

  1. Good work under pressure!

  2. I reckon that’s a great shot!

  3. Hey thanks! You’ll get it in your Christmas card… if I ever post them!

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