What a mess…

but what a husband! 


Is this the sort of mess you’d expect to come home to after being away for a few days? If you lived with The King of this house, then this wouldn’t surprise you in the slightest.

Your benchtops would be covered in “stuff”


Your floors would have “stuff” on them too.There would be a compressor in your dining room. There would be planks of wood propped up along the walls.

Oh and the sawdust… The sawdust would be everywhere. Every surface. Every nook and cranny. Lining the floors thorought the whole house. On every venetion on every blind, on every key of my keyboard. Did I mention it was everywhere?


There would be a ladder in the kitchen and you wouldn’t be suprised. You couldn’t even see the benchtops let alone make your children anything to eat for at least 2 days.


but… what’s that in the corner of the kitchen? Oh my –  it’s a new pantry. My Christmas Present, and my beautiful King has been working on it all weekend. Isn’t he a legend? I have only waited 16 years for it. He assures me I will have clear benches soon, so I am happy, and the kids are too, they’ll get lunch orders at school.


7 responses to “What a mess…

  1. OMG!!! I can’t believe it- A pantry in your kitchen!!! Go Andrew- can’t wait to see your handiwork IRL!

  2. I like the solitary tomato sauce bottle in there – just so you know what the cupboard is for.

  3. Ha – you should see it now… it’s FULL to the brim with TOOLS!
    I am promised it will be finished today.
    Promises promises.

  4. I’m excited for you!!! Can’t wait to admire it!

  5. Andrew would like a note added here… he says the sawdust is MY fault. Because I wanted it flush, without the trim that he wanted to put on. And for the record he DID feed the children and they ONLY had bought lunch ONCE and that was ONLY because he ran out of bread. (because he didn’t shop because he was doing the pantry).
    OK? Happy now Andrew?

  6. Once you fill up your cupboards (after putting the food in the pantry), I can forsee some overhead cupboards above the stove. They’d fit in nicely.

    Might need the DFBB assistance for that one…

  7. oh… they’ve been on the cards for about 10 years… so I have a while longer to wait yet for them.

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