I needed to buy Gold candles today, among fifty thousand other things I needed to do. 

I needed to pick up Dad & Bev’s gift. (shhh) Done.
I needed to treat my boobs to a new pair of bras. Ended up with 3 fabulous pairs from LaFemme… thanks Jo and Mary 🙂
I needed to buy all the veges from the local Fruit & Veggie Shop (where else?) thanks Mena… Merry Christmas! x
I needed to pick up something for Lauren (shhh) and Mum (shhh) from somewhere… very busy.
I didn’t need to look in the furniture store, but couldn’t help myself as I was all alone, you know – without anyone – by myself, so I did wander through the store for a bit. A girl can dream can’t she?
I needed to crack the whip on my King to get my pantry finished. Love cracking the whip. Turned out it was easier to pick up the paintbrush and do it myself.. he was outside for hours, cleaning the patio and one wouldn’t want to interupt a man who is cleaning for hours would they?
I needed to empty the pantry, clean it and restock it. Woo hoo. Done!
I needed to clear the benches. Woo hoo. Party time. I am so happy.
I needed to vacuum the house. I am tired now.
I needed to mop the house. I didn’t do this.
I needed to buy 2 Gold candles for my centrepiece. No such luck. Why is it that when you want a certain colour they just don’t have it? Why is that? I picked up some white ones instead and added a couple of left-over Rub-ons and some Gold Stickles. I will tape a little gold Ribbon on and that’ll do the trick.
I needed to clean Emilys room. Oh my! We took her bed out, and vaccuumed and dusted. She had a stockpile of books and dust under her bed.
I needed to cut everyones hair. 5 haircuts and my back is protesting. I have bits of hair in my shirt and it’s driving me nuts. My boys are looking pretty spiffy though. Daniel wanted an “Uncle Mark Haircut”. He didn’t get his wish.
I needed to label my gifts, but that just didn’t happen today and will have to go on tomorrow’s ever-growing list.

What do you think? Like my candles?


4 responses to “Candles

  1. That makes me feel tired!……….Those candles look lovely- better than shop-bought gold ones!!

  2. nice candles! hope your pantry is all finished & stocked, enjoy your family, merry christmas, love Rachelxxxx

  3. Beautiful – I really appreciate a decorated candle! See ya in 3 more sleeps!

  4. Louise – No rest for the wicked. Will relax tomorrow after work. Glad your’e likin’ the candles, hope you like the white sheet for a tablecloth too. Hee hee.

    Rachel – Thanks. You too. x

    Lisa – We’ll leave the table decorated for your arrival. x

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