Very “Tania”?

It’s done, it’s done. I am so excited to have my Christmas present. You know, if I had this 16 years ago, I wouldn’t be so appreciative of it today as I am now. I keep looking in my kitchen, and I just LOOOURVE my new pantry. No more food in the bottom cupboards. Hooray.


Miss.L. (my brothers’ girlfriend) opens it up and says “It’s very “Tania””  So what EXACTLY does she mean with that comment? I think she is refferring to the labelled containers all lined up, is this not normal???? (I would actually like everything in my house lined up and labelled, but hold myself back). Maybe she means how much processed food there is or that there are so many sauce choices? Do you detect paranoia? I don’t often open up my cupboards for critisism.

Maybe it’s about the breakfast cereal? Can you see we have shares in Kelloggs? You need choice in life don’t you?

My favourite thing in the pantry (besides the child below) is my round cake tins. I bought these with a voucher my dear friends gave me for a gift from “House”. I just love them. Hey, see that Christmas Tin with a green ribbon? It’s a Christmas Cake that Rachel made for our family to enjoy on Christmas Day. How sweet was that!


I can see this pantry is going to be hit for Hide-and-Seek . There’s longhaired child #3 – the grout is barely dry and he is in there getting white marks all over his bogan black trackies and black T. Nice.


3 responses to “Very “Tania”?

  1. Ahem…labelled containers all lined up in descending order of size is very normal……and yes Tania- if you want to label everything in the house, you go right ahead!

  2. Surely you need to have more in your pantry than that??!!

  3. go Tania, I like my cupboards all neat & tidy too but doesn’t stay that way for long with the kids helping, lol.

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