Snapshots of Christmas



4 responses to “Snapshots of Christmas

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day, Happy New Year to you all, Love Rachel xxx

  2. Love all the photo’s. I see you got better ones of me this year(now that ive learnt to just co operate and itll be over in seconds). I had a fantastic time with your family and LOVED my prezzie (Georgie) and no you can’t have her. Hey speaking of Georgie, you will encounter a fee for posting her on the internet for the whole world to see with out her parents permission. Tut tut tut. Nah just kidding, had a fantastic time, (love the photo of us) Love always, Sexy Lauren AKA Miss Lauren Scullalot. xoxo

  3. Maybe the fee for showing Georgie pics can go towards a bowl of water……

  4. As Mother Christmas and one half of the Freeloaders I would like to say what a great day it was. It was fun seeing the presents all being unwrapped , the joy on people’s faces when they got “what they had always wanted”, the food, drink , noise and laughter that goes with Christmas Day.
    Thanks for letting us be part of it.

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