Gratitude Boxes

What are these? I hear you ask. Well, they are something I read about on Oprah’s site… not that I frequent that site, I have only been there the once, but I followed a link and then another link and so on, and found myself lost in cyberspace only to land on Oprah’s page. Does anyone else do that? Click on a link, then another and find yourself completely sidetracked, and an hour has whizzed by and you didn’t even notice it? Or is that just me? Really, it’s more than an hour, but I didn’t want to say.

If you would like to lose a few hours.. then click here… that’ll keep ya busy for a while.

Now what was I saying? Gee, talk about Sidetrack Sally.

Oh yeah, Gratitude boxes. This was a nice idea that I read about, so I thought we’d do something similar for Christmas, and besides all the eye-rolling and “oh-man,-Tania-is-so-lame” looks I got, we all agreed (well at least they did to my face) that it was a really nice thing to do for one another.

So what is it! I hear you impatiently asking now. Well, I am not going to tell you. Hee hee.

Oh, okay I will. What I did was buy 9 CD gift boxes from the CD shop, and place them together with a pen on each persons plate at Christmas Dinner. Actually, we had 12, but the kids ran off to play, so we were down to 9. I had prepared 3 piles of papers preprinted with the headings, “What I Love About You”… “My Holiday Wish for You”… and “Thank You for’….  
What we had to do was choose a paper for each person and write them a message. Each person needed to write something (hence the eye-rolling from the boys) to everyone, which wasn’t to be read by anyone else.  So in the end we all had a box with messages from the other 8 at the table. Without divulging the messages to you, I must say that the heartfelt thoughts in my box mean a lot to me, and will go in my “special box” to be treasured for a long time to come.

It was nice and fun, as some family members really ran with it giving us all a good laugh. You can be sure of the laughter from our loving King, as he cited to each and every one of us that we were his favourite person there.

We are truly lucky to have such a great family – and yes – you are my favourite person here xxx



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