Retreat Pics

I suck at doing things on time. I am a shocker for putting things aside for later, and getting caught up with the next day and the next thing that takes my fancy. So when I say I am going to get organised and get CD’s done for my friends and family I cringe. Not because they take so long, or that I don’t enjoy doing them. No I love doing them, it’s just that I get so easily sidetracked and then something else comes along – and then I am gone –  I am lost. Off the track. Well, not technically “off the track”, but on another one.

My heart is in the right place though, be assured.

So, when I found these photos from 08 retreat I had that sinking feeling, you know the one, where you feel you have let someone down? Or maybe 20 someones down? I had that, I look at these photos with such a smile, then realise that I haven’t passed them on to my friends like I promised? Oh Lord… I am an EMTPY PROMISER!

Time to redeem myself, pick myself up and get over it.

I have finished the retreat CD’s. Yay yay yay. So, those girls who still want these photos, let your faith be restored, they are done. With love.

Hey… I got the family DVD’s done too. Still working out how to split it for a CD for you Lisa – next days off I will have a go. Trust me trust me! Hee hee.

Here’s some of the pre-wedding retreat pics that I didn’t post before.


The Vicar came out flicking water at everyone…


and needed more and more and more for the Cricuts…

The videographer took charge of the camera… (the video is great Maz)

and the Photographer was madly snapping away as the light dipped into the horizon.  

there’s the dottery Mother of the Bride pouring herself another drink…

What would you expect? Have you seen the Father of the Bride???

The Wedding Planner… well, she didn’t do much… as usual… but I did see her slip a fair bit of Southern Comfort into that Diet Coke can.

Oh, pull your guts in and stand up straight for goodness sake!


6 responses to “Retreat Pics

  1. Nice work Tania! Now you just need to get the photos to the people hehehehehe!!
    Love those Retreat photos- looks like lotsa fun!

  2. No need to feel bad on my account- I just sent Album to get printed last night from our 2007 trip (the one I had planned to bring and show you this trip)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Did you recognise me? I’m the one with the guts hanging out.

    Louise, yep, I am workin on it.

    Lisa, they are off to the printers? That’s a start. Good job! I will ask to see it next trip! No pressure. xxx

  4. Always good to have a back up career – wedding planner would be fun!!

  5. We’re used to it now Tania. Used to the empty and broken promises. hehe, nah just kidding. Retreat was a killer, i had so much fun and can’t wait to get the photo’s. Thank you so much, you made it a fantastic time for all of us.
    Lauren xoxo

  6. They are there, ready to be picked up!

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