Blind Scrapping

OK, who is up for a challenge?  Have you heard of Blind Scrapping? Willing to give it a go?

Recently a couple of my friends and I took up the Blind Scrapping Challenge and enjoyed the results. Each of us ended up with a page quite different from each others.

Blind scrapping, or very similar, is recipe scrapping. No, you do NOT wear a blindfold. You follow steps to create a layout but add your own unique twists at any stage.  I used all old scraps from my stash plus one background card. I love it when I can use my older papers – it makes room for new stuff!

How about taking the same challenge we did?

Taken from the Scrapbook Creations Magazine we followed the example by Peta MacBeth.

It is recommended that you use a 5 x 7 in landscape photo or series of smaller photos to make up that size

1x  Cardstock
2x coordinating patterned papers
2x scraps of patterned papers (12 in long x 4in wide)
2 photo corners
3x buttons
1 large embellishment of your choice
1 alpha for one word title
small alpha or pen for journaling
all basic tools and adhesives


  • on your base cardstock, doodle/stamp or use rub ons along the edge to create a border
  • Take one of your scrap pieces of patterned paper, trim it to 11in and then tear the base so it measures about 2 1/2in x 11. Ink the edges
  • Adhere this piece towards the bottom of the cardstock
  • Take one of your full sheets of patterned paper, measure across to the right about 9in and tear down. Next, measure down on the left about 8in and tear across.
  • You now have a piece measuring about 9in x 8in with the left side and top straight-edged and the right side and bottom torn.
  • Adhere this piece so that it sits on top, slightly overlapping the first strip.
  • Create and edge to your photo(s) by either sanding or inking the edges, or both.
  • Take your second sheet of 12 x 12 in patterned paper and matt your photo(s) on it.
  • Ink the edges and adhere on top of the patterned paper and layer with the two torn edges.
  • Take your last scrap patterned paper piece, cut a 1in x 11 in strip and a 1/2 in x 11in strip.
  • ink the edges and adhere the 1/2 in strip on top of the 1 in strip.
  • Next, adhere this strip so it overlaps the 9×8 piece and sits below your photo, but above the torn edge. Ink all the edges.
  • adhere your two photo corners to any corners of the photo.
  • Adhere your buttons on your 1 in strip.
  • Adhere your large embellishment to the bottom right of your photo.
  • Place a one word title at the top or bottom of your photo, making sure it overlaps a little of your photo.
  • Journal on the right side of the page, near the photo.

Photograph your layout and email it to me, or bring it in to the shop for me to photograph! We’d love to see what you came up with!


6 responses to “Blind Scrapping

  1. That sounds very interesting, I have printed it out and will give it a try in the next few weeks…. need a break from John’s Father’s album anyway …. just need to decided what photo I will use though, that always seems to be the hardest part with these challenges….

  2. Just what I felt like tonight. Loved the challenge! Will photograph and send through to you tomorrow.

  3. I look forward to seeing them.

  4. Can you show us the outcome?

  5. Thanks for the pics. They are great layouts. I love having more to post.

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