I found this photo of my niece on my computer. My SIL had taken it before arriving and when i downloaded all her photos I got this one too. Bonus!

So, i thought I’d play with it a little. I sometimes end up with weird freaky looking images when I play with photoshop, but this one is too cute to mess up.

Don’t ask me what I did. I am not entirely sure. I twiddled this and twiddled that. I love Photoshop CS. And I love my niece, and her sweetest  little freckles.

cute huh?

So this is the image SOOC. That’s high tech talk for Straight Out Of Camera. Real high tech. I love talking the garb, it makes me feel clever, which I clearly am not, but it sounds so.

Off to play with some more photos. Ya never know what artistry lies in them!


4 responses to “Chelsea

  1. I downlaoded some cool Photoshop Actions but can’t for the life of me work out how to get them working- the idea was for me to not have to tweak this and twiddle that- I’m just no good at it! How gorgeous is our Chels?

  2. What a gorgeous girl !!!

  3. Clearly takes after her mother! Love what u did – trust that’ll be included on my CD! x

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