School Books

Do you remember when I was complaining last year, here and then again here about book covering?

Well, my SIL just posted on her blog about a relaxing day, go here to see. I think she needs more kids! Then see how relaxing it is! How nice it is to cover books. She’ll see.

Why oh why did I have four children. They forgot to mention at the hospital when I was oh so gooey and totally in love and head over heels with my soft sweet smelling newborns that these incredible little babies will grow oh so quickly into amazing little people who will have minds of their own, who will not need me for their every need, who will go to school FOR YEARS AND YEARS and need their stupid books covered!

I have little to moan about really this year. I just feel like moaning. Child #1 only has a couple of books, and he couldn’t care less what they looked like, and Child #2 only has 4 this year. ONLY FOUR. She wants the designer look to them. Man oh man. But here’s the kicker – Children #3 and #4 have 10 each. I am putting them off. They are sitting on my dining room floor, taunting me. Teasing me.

I think I will post them to my SIL. Ya think she might do them for me?


9 responses to “School Books

  1. Ok so I don’t have school-aged kids, but why do the books have to be covered? Can’t they be left as is, the way they left the shop??

  2. ER no Louise…they must be beautiful! (unless teachers prevent this – Joes teachers kept his, so suspect his will be remaining fairly ordinary)
    Tania, contact is a thing of the past – use fab paper then plastic covers – easy. Chels had over 20(and 3 rulers – why??)! Don’t know what yr whinging about!!!!!
    If I was there I would do them for you. And they would be sensational. Sounds like a couple of Vodka and somethings will help!

  3. Louise – i agree. Know what would be better? If the books came “pre-covered” now there’s a thought.
    Lisa – Don’t know what I am whinging about? Count them! More than 20. I have done 4. You will find the rest in the post this week.

  4. They do come pre-covered- the books have a cover when they leave the shop- otherwise it would just be a stack of paper stapled together in the middle! Lisa, those plastic covers sound intrigueing- better than battling a roll of contact- I trust all the books are a standard size then? Speaking of contact- you can get groovy woodgrain contact now……….

  5. Plastic covers? Different sizes? Not sticky? Pray tell me where I can get these?

  6. Newsagent… A4 size…30 cents each…you’ll love ’em

  7. I’m on it. Took me 3 newsagents to find them, but I have them! (oops they weren’t 30 cents here either, but I won’t tell the King if you won’t)
    I am recruiting Miss L to come help me, last year she was on “Pencil-Naming” Duty, this year she’s upgraded to “Book-Coverer” as well. She’ll be thrilled I am sure.
    Actually Em and I have done her books, (even with the clear contact over the top) so much more fun making them all perdy, we’ve also done her rulers, and pencils and oh oh oh, I just HAVE to show you what she did with her pencil tidy. Pics will have to wait till the weekend.
    Matts books are done, just need to get to Josh’s and Daniel’s, then onto all those pencils and crayons and textas and watercolours and pastels. Arghh.

  8. You go girl…next year I will send you a care package! It will include covers – lets be honest, you’d pay almost any price for them wouldn’t you??

  9. Lisa – any price any price! I love them. THANKYOU! Still haven’t done Dan’s yet.. lucky they don’t take long with the groovy covers (BTW if you are in Geraldton, the only place they had them was Rocks in Marine Terrace)
    And I have a STACK of old contact to give away if anyone wants it? I am through with it. Some of it’s nice, mostly younger prints that my boys wouldn’t be seen dead with. Anyone want it?

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