Get ready for back to school photos

School goes back for us next week. We’ve had a lovely break, it’s been hectic and it’s been lazy. We’ve had the best of both worlds and are so fortunate. Reality will set in next week when the alarm clock gets turned back on, and we have to rise at a decent hour again – it’ll sure be tough.

 I know that uniforms will be ready, school books all packed and lunches organised, but don’t forget your photos.

Back to school photos are cute, and I take the same photo every year of my kids together by the front door, and alone by the tree.

This year try something different as well.  What about a photo of the bags all lined up ready to go? Perhaps you could photograph their lunch box and drink bottle on the counter. Give the camera to someone else (hey – there’s a thought) and get them to take a photo of you doing your child’s hair.

One year I took a photo of the kids walking up the hill to their school, all in a row from behind. Kinda cute! Best thing was that they didn’t have to pose. Now my kids didn’t like me coming in to the classroom with my camera, (awww muuuummmm) but they love the photos from years gone by, so I wish I took more of their surroundings, even if it’s the classroom door after it’s closed.


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